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This should help if your school failed to teach you how to find the career you want after you graduate.


  • 1. Positioning Yourself for That New Job

2. Step One:Create an e-portfolioThis should represent how you viewyourself. Others will view you this wayalso. 3. e-portfolioAn e-portfolio will document the growth you have made over the yearsas a professional (your latest work should reflect better work thanyour earlier stuff). 4. The purpose of an e-portfolioJust like these boxes, an e-portfolio is agreat way to Stack up all of yourskills in one place as a visualcollection of your skills. 5. The purpose of an e-portfilioAn e-portfolio will show that you know how to bridge thegap between theory and practice. You have theseskills in theory, lets show that you really do have thoseskills by the work that you have done. 6. Step two:Get a LinkedIn account 7. LinkedIn Tip No. 1:Be mindful what accounts you mergewith LinkedInUnless your Facebook, Twitter, Instagramaccounts are professional in nature, donot merge them with LinkedIn. 8. LinkedIn Tip No. 2:Do not neglect privacy settingsSome companies may not be too keenon their employees looking for otherwork. They may let you go earlierthan you were hoping. 9. LinkedIn Tip No. 3:LinkedIn profiles take workConnect with new people, update yourprofile whenever necessary, joingroups, go to events you learn abouton LinkedIn. Sometimes finding a jobis a full-time job. 10. Step three:Create a Personal Website 11. Concerns about your personal website:How is what I do interesting?It's not about entertaining anyone. It's aboutshowing you have experience in the workplace. 12. Building a website takes too much timeNot true. The actual building of the websiteshould only take around 30 minutes. Thewhole process could be done during yourspare time over a weekend. 13. A personal website cost too muchmoneyThis depends on what you constitutes toomuch money. However, domain purchaseand web hosting for a year could be found foraround $100 a year. 14. Where do I even start?There are literally thousands ofresources online to find how tobuild a website. If you are grown-upenough to find a job, you aregrown-up enough to do research. 15. If I do all of these things, then what? 16. If you do it right, maybe you will endup like this guyBest of luck to you.