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Job interview: Effectively present yourself. . Bai Lu, Ph.D. GlaxoSmithKline, R&D China . 30 . . 2002 903 2003 70% 81% . , - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Job interview: Effectively present yourselfBai Lu, Ph.D.

    GlaxoSmithKline, R&D China









  • Before you think about your jobHedgehog Do what we truly believe in and passionate aboutUnderstand what we can and cannot be the best atFocus on doing things that generate true values

    The Hedgehog Concept

  • Job hunting processPlease contact us to raise your enquiries Hotline: 400-820-2558 Email: CHK-HR-Help@gsk.comScreening processJob application

    Interview with multiple candidatesYou are hired!

  • Interview what are they looking for?An interesting personGetting along?Bring something unique to the table

    Professional meritsAccomplishmentsRecognitionsExperiences, history

    CompetenceProfessional knowledgeTechnical skillsOther professional abilitiesCharactersCollaborationGood citizen

    What an ideal Ph.D. looks like?Knowledgespecial, know something of everythingbroad, know everything of somethingTechniques and ability to acquire techniquesSense, critical and appreciativeDesign, conduct, complete and analysisPresentation, oral, written

    A few important discoveriesBroaden expertiseAbility to select an important projectDevelop a new theme (independence)Push the work till publication

    Social and communication skills

    Growth potential !What an ideal postdoc looks like?

  • Prepare your CV youve got only 30 secondsYour accomplishments?PublicationsHonors - explainWhat you have done?Job historyTechnical expertiseExperiencesWhere are you from?Your institutionYour mentor

    Differentiate yourself; be uniqueOther interests and extracurricular activitiesSound like a human; tell a story if you canWork on presentation

  • Present a talk and 80% of your fate is setYour first impression!A interesting beginning - most important Overcome your fearThink of it as a performanceDont read slidesTalk to the audienceClear, logic, visualDemonstrate your confidenceShow facial expression - smileBelieve in your own stuffSimple, clear , with charactersTake home messagePeople should walk away with excitementA clear message easy to remember

    Enough background Conversation style Lively, animated figures Transition is a key Tell a story

  • Preparation, preparation, preparationType of questions you will ask?What makes you come hereWhat do you like the best of this placeTypes of questions you will be asked?Open-ended: tell me about yourselfDirective: what skills do you have?Reflective: past future; describe a time when you take initiative?What exactly are they looking for?Gather info, institution, individualsDefine profile, do you fit?

    Key points you will present: be active and in controlList of your strengths use concrete examplesAddress your weaknesses it is better to preemptWhat makes you an ideal candidate? Why do you fit the position?

  • Two most important points to rememberInteractive Be knowledgeable in relevant topics Ask questions, or at least paraphrase what you hear Be careful, what you say shows who you are Meet interesting peopleEnthusiastic If not, will not perform well Highlight reasons, be genuine and honest Dont let negative things affect your mood

  • Demonstrate your confidenceInteractiveAcknowledge - good questionParaphrase Ask questionsTell a storySense of humorAppearanceLook people in the eyesSmileAvoid unnecessary gesturesThink highly of yourselfRepeatedly remind your own strengthsDifferentiation, what is unique about you?Dont boost or exaggerate

  • Type of questions that will be asked Tell me about your most significant work. I see you did xx, tell me about how you did it. Why do you want to come to this place? What do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you like to work on several projects or one at a time? What motivates you to work? Do you learn better from books or talking to people? When facing a problem, do you try to solve it by yourself or ask others for help? What is the biggest challenge of your current job? How do you deal with it? What do you think of your mentor (boss)? Describe some recent work-related problems, how you solve them, results What are your reasons for leaving? What are your weaknesses?

  • Think like an interviewerWhat is there for me?Collaboration?Techniques? Expertise?Interesting person? Colleagues?Research program with good potential?Differentiated from mentor?Fundable?Exciting future growth

    Reducing social barriersWhere are you from?Do you know so and so?Outside interests?Opinions

  • After the interviewWhen you receive the letterFacing rejection: what can I learn from it?Negotiation an artResponse letter: accept or not, dont dragThank you notePolite and sincereAddressing remaining pointsKeep enthusiasm



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