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Gain coding skills you can apply right away.Daren Kinnaird, Technology Architect & Manager, CRM Development Services, Pivotal



Pivotal Development: Enhancing Social CRM Daren KinnairdTechnical ArchitectPaul GreenbergAuthor of CRM at the Speed of Light, Defines Social CRM:Philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation."A Quick IntroductionGetting Started with Social CRMTwo Practical Examples

Pivotal Development: Enhancing Social CRMWe dont just integrate; we want to take:

Take ActionTake AdvantageTake Initiative Take NoticeSocial CRM StrategyUncover social media intelligenceTake action on social media insightsGrow your social media presenceSimplify social media marketingFind connectionsImprove public relationsKey FeaturesUncover social media intelligence by identifying prospects, tracking deal chatter, monitoring sentiment, spotting customer complaints and issues, and more Take action on social media insights by generating leads, assigning tasks, opening service tickets, and more Grow your social media presence by easily reaching out to contacts to invite them to join your social networks Simplify social media marketing by coordinating communications and launching them across channels in a single step Find connections between prospects, customers, consultants, influencers, and decision-makers to gain introductions and entry into opportunities Improve public relations by identifying and addressing customer issues reported on social media sites5Social Media SitesAccount LinkingActivity ViewingAggregate ViewsSocial Media SearchesSocial Media MonitoringInsider Views

Google Blog SearchSocial Media CommunicationCRM ActionsFacebook Event ManagementSocial Media Activity TrackingRelationship Tracking

FunctionalityPivotal 6.0.6 - 6.0.10 installedCMS, FS, HB

Pivotal Smart Client

SCRM 6.0 CompatibilityPivotal 6.0.10 installed Pivotal Contact Management Force Automation (Optional)Customer Service and Support (Optional)Social CRM

Pivotal Smart Client

SCRM 6.0.10 CompatibilityImport Social CRM TransportersImport Language StringsCustomize and SetupInstall StepsPivotal Contact ManagementSales Force AutomationSocial CRMCustomer Service and SupportWhat We Have So FarBusiness ModuleSetup Corporate Accounts

Corporate Account Configuration

Employee Configuration

Online PresenceFind out what is being said on Facebook, TwitterMinimize the need to go somewhere else

Online PresenceActionsEngage while looking at social media updates and create actions on themBasic actions like adding a lead from their online presenceFacebook, LinkedIn...

Outlook Tasks (PCM)Stay Connected (Tweet or Re-Tweet)Lead (SFA)Support Incident (CSS)

Action ExamplesConsolidate Tweets within the same company Facebook eventsInvite CRM Contacts to your Facebook event.Facebook and Twitter RelationshipsGet connected to the OpportunityIdentify influencer relationships on an opportunity.

Scenarios for ActionOut of the Box Actions

Practical Example #1Enhance the Action MenuCreate a new ActivityDefault data from the Social Update

Notification Event HandlerIn computer programming, an event handler is an asynchronous callback subroutine that handles inputs received in a program.



NotificationNotification Handlers

Review Existing Notifications

Notification Handlers

using CdcSoftware.Pivotal.Applications.Scrm.Client;using CdcSoftware.Pivotal.Applications.Scrm;using CdcSoftware.Pivotal.Applications.Scrm.Data.Element;

Referencing SCRM

Notification Event in Code

New Actions

Setting up the HandlerDefaults for a Social Status

Defaults for Social User

New ActivityPractical Example #2Hashtag SearchUsing the Twitter Interface to extend the functionalityDisplay Search Results

Integrate Social Media

Notification, One More TimeHandler

Searching Twitter

Populating the Results


Action TechniquesNotification Event HandlersGlobalTableInstanceSocial Media InterfacesTwitterFacebookLinkedIn