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  • PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used programming languages

    used for the web application development that is powering more than 20 million web

    domains. This is the best-suited programming language that suffices the requirements of

    small as well as big businesses. Its large community assures resolution of programming

    problems and issues in the minimum time possible. In addition, it also offers informative

    blogs, online forums, and expert opinions for hassle free coding.

    This PHP framework is young and promising, but it uses a plethora of best practices one

    needs for its business use.


  • LaravelIntroduced in 2014 & become most popular framework in 2015 & till now it is on the top, due to the huge

    interest from developers and clients worldwide.

    Here are some points that define : Why laravel is the best?

    Authentication: Laravel makes authentication very simple because all over well authentication option.

    Query Builder: The database query builder provides a convenient, fluent interface to creating and running

    database queries.

    HTTP Middleware: HTTP middleware provide a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests

    entering your application.

    Artisan Console: Its name of the command line interface in laravel, helpful to command when creating an


  • Fig. shows that laravel is the best PHP framework in 2016

  • Here is the market share of PHP laravel framework :


  • Laravel possesses a well-fabricated toolbox that allows writing fewer codes that result in less risk of error. By using this popular PHP framework, website app developers can build applications with greater productivity and value, such as managing guiding principles, side effects, etc.

    Lets see the Laravel usage statistics (top 1 million websites using Laravel):



  • In a very less time, Laravel has gained an immense popularity among professional PHP web development companies as it builds with less repetitive code.

    Clear conventions for problem-solving and convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks makes this framework quite easy-to-use and maintain.



  • Features Laravel Framework

  • Template Engine : Laravel framework is highly acknowledged for its inbuilt lightweight templates that help you create amazing layouts using dynamic content seeding.In addition to this, it has multiple widgets incorporating CSS and JS code with solid structures.It helps to innovatively designed to create a simple layout with distinctive sections.

  • Artisan : Allows performing the majority of those tedious and repetitive programming tasks that many developers avoid performing manually.Artisan even helps developers to create their own commands and do convenient things with it.These artisans can also be utilized to create the database structure, a skeleton code, and build their migration that becomes pretty easy-to-manage the database system.

  • Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping) : Laravel framework offers the Eloquent ORM that includes a simple PHP Active Record implementation.It lets the web app developers issue database queries with PHP syntax rather than writing SQL code.An ORM is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks.

  • Libraries & Modular : Laravel is also popular due to its Object Oriented libraries as well as many other pre-installed libraries & these libraries are not found in other PHP framework.This framework is divided into individual modules that adopt modern PHP principles allowing developers to build responsive, modular, and handy web apps.

  • MVC Architecture Support : This architecture support helps in improving the performance, allowing better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions.

  • Unit Testing : This framework of PHP web development is capable of running many tests to ensure that new changes done by programmers do not unexpectedly break anything in the web application.In addition to this, it makes it easy to write unit-tests for its own code.

  • Migration system for databases : Laravel migration system helps to expand the structure of the database of the web application without re-creating every time developers make a change.It not only offers the facility to change the database structure but it helps to do this by using PHP code instead of SQL.In addition to this, Laravel Schema Builder helps to create database tables and inserts indices or columns promptly.

  • Security : Laravel takes care of the web application security within its own framework.It uses hashed and salted password that means the password would never save as the plain text in a database.Additionally, this PHP website development framework uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks unimaginable.

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