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  • Welcome!

  • DevisePresentation for the Alpharetta PHP / Laravel GroupJanuary 27th, 2015

  • So, who am I?!

  • Name:

    Gary Williams Cannot grow a beard.

    Co-owner at LogicBomb Media

    Co-creator of Devise

    Twitter: @dolbex

    Made the guy to the left

  • Why do we


  • This guy disrupts.If he can do it we can do it.


    So much going on...

    So much

  • The team

  • Demo Time

  • What we wanted to accomplish: Can use on most of our projects

    Remove much of the repetition

    Focus on a single platform and embrace Laravel

    Give back to the open source community

    Finally... and possibly the most important reason....

  • I want to murder


  • ToolsBasic content management


    Videos (Zencoder)

    WYSIWYG (CKEditor)



    Color Pickers

    and loads more....

  • How did I do that earlier?Drop in attributes roughly where they appear in the markup.

    {{ $page->pagePropertyName->text or 'Placeholder when null' }}

    'Real' example

    {{ $page->title->text or 'Placeholder when null' }}

  • Avoid a Bajillion arrowsAdd a group to.... you know... group 'em

    {{ $page->featuredEvent->text or 'Placeholder when null' }}

    {{ $page->bodyOfThisBeast->text or 'Placeholder when null' }}

  • Collect 'em AllDon't know how many you need but don't need a model? Make it a collection.

    @foreach($page->events as $event)

    {{ $event->text or 'Placeholder when null' }}

    {{ $event->text or 'No Description' }}


  • Live UpdatingThis is still in development - be gentle

    Some Text

    Some Text

  • Editing ModelsJust One

    @php $user = DvsUser::find(2); @endphp

    {{ $user->email }} has an id of {{ $user->id }}


    @php $users = DvsUser::where('id', '

  • [continued]

    As a Single Attribute

    @php $user = DvsUser::find(2); @endphp

    So... {{ $user->email }} has an id of {{ $user->id }} but you already knew that right?

  • Advanced concepts Quickly map class methods to page variables

    Easily build and implement weird-o permissions

    Page versions

    Localization engine

    Image gallery

    Users, groups, login, permissions all build in and ready to go.

  • What is the schedule0.8

    Accepting Github issues

    0.9 - By 16th of February

    Migrate to Laravel 5, open Github issues

    1.0 - By 16th of March:

    Installer, ready for upgrades, begin accepting pull requests

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  • Questions?