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Introduction to the Laravel PHP Framework. Where it came from, what an install looks like, and comparisons to a few other frameworks.


  • 1.Introduction to LaravelBill Condo // 2013-01-09Wednesday, January 9, 13

2. Lineage February 2006 by EllisLabApril 2011 by Taylor OtwellWednesday, January 9, 13 3. Comparison CodeIgniter: +More Mature, +Legacy PHP Support, -No ORM, -Legacy Support Kohana: +ACL, +Benchmarking, -Sparse Docs FuelPHP: +Fast, +ACL, +ORM, -Incomplete Docs, -Small CommunityWednesday, January 9, 13 4. Overview MVC Framework with Bundles, Migrations, and Artisan CLI Eloquent ORM, Restful Controllers, Class Auto Loading, and Powerful RoutingWednesday, January 9, 13 5. Project Structure application bundles laravel public storageWednesday, January 9, 13 6. Example Controller Basic ControllerWednesday, January 9, 13 7. ... And Another REST ControllerWednesday, January 9, 13 8. Example Model Basic Eloquent Model all(), nd(), where(), count(), save(), delete(), and more auto included.Wednesday, January 9, 13 9. Example View Calling From Controller Passing in DataWednesday, January 9, 13 10. Example View Cont. Accessing Data *Also,View Templating is available with Blade.Wednesday, January 9, 13 11. Learning Lots of videos. Bundled up Tutorial Series by Dayle Rees IRC..., January 9, 13 12. Questions? @mavrck / mavrck.comWednesday, January 9, 13