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<ul><li> 1. Owned by: Jack Tubiello &amp; Tyler Morio </li> <li> 2. Description Food Truck Service Located at Philadelphia Sports Complex Tailgate parties, before, during, and after the game Serve Philadelphias classics (Cheesesteaks, Soft Pretzel) </li> <li> 3. Executive Summary Meet needs by Provide quality food Buying Local Prepare food quickly Making quick change Located where people can sit Philly Points of Interest We Try to Satisfy People who enjoy sporting events Families People taking a stroll Philadelphia Citizens Tourist experiencing Philadelphia Foods </li> <li> 4. Locations At the corner of Pattison Ave. and S Darien ST (Citizens Bank Park) Food Truck </li> <li> 5. Mission/Goal Statement Our mission statement is that we would like to bring the classic foods of Philadelphia to the people as they are watching their team play or enjoying the parks around the area Future Goal-Expand into our own permanent location </li> <li> 6. Market Analysis Direct Competition Kung Fu Hoagie Spot Burgers U Got Munchies The Spot Food Truck Street Food Philly Indirect Competition Ranch Road Taco Shop Pitruco Pizza Mucho Bueno Fire Eaters Poi Dog Snack Shop </li> <li> 7. Organization &amp; Management 2 Employees Jack Tubiello-Co owner, Cook, Supplies manager Tyler Morio-Co owner, Cashier, Financial Manager, Truck upkeeper Split earnings 50/50 </li> <li> 8. Floor Plan </li> <li> 9. Marketing Plan Hungry fans didnt pack food Whining children are hungry Parents want quick solution Families gravitate towards us </li> <li> 10. Why we target Sporting Events Past experiences Niche market People want better than street vendors Large amount of people </li> <li> 11. Advertising and Public Relations Radio Advertising o SportsRadio 94WIP Philadelphia teams can hire us to cater events </li> <li> 12. Financial Total price without food- $54559.15 Food for weekend -$172.34 Loans o Microloan Program o Our business cost $54559.15 o Combined we bring in $16,000 </li> <li> 13. Menus </li> <li> 14. Works Cited Arbitrary-Waveform-Generator-80MHz-500MSa-s-Real-Sample- Rate/907896_644315637.html hdtv/8346045.p?id=1218872211460&amp;skuId=8346045&amp;st=categoryid$abcat 0101001&amp;cp=1&amp;lp=1 business/starting-business </li> </ul>