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  • What I wish Id known last yearPain points, tips and ideas for the future of Serverless

    Paul JohnstonCTO of Movivo

    @PaulDJohnston on twitter and medium

  • MovivoBringing free mobile internet/airtime

    to developing countries

    Serverless from launch - nearly 500,000 installs


  • Code for no server access

  • Public Domain

  • Start with deployment management

  • Photo: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

  • Public Domain

  • Dont just start and see what happens


    CC BY-SA 3.0

  • You can afford to fail faster

  • Zero or 1 per function


  • Dont overcomplicate your data schemas!

  • Only pull in libraries you need

  • = Apocalypse?No

  • Code For No Servers + Manage Deployment + Better Engineering +

    Fail Faster + Simpler Data Schemas +

    Limit Libraries

    More Free Time!=

  • Thank youI hope this makes your serverless work a lot easier

    Paul JohnstonCTO of Movivo

    @PaulDJohnston on twitter and medium


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