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I gave a presentation at my old high school on the topic of "things I wish I'd known back then". It was part motivational, part educational. The slides don't tell the full story, but hopefully they'll be useful to someone.


<ul><li> 1. I wish I knew<br />Will Critchlow<br />Founder, Distilled (2005-)<br />Alumnus, St. Aidans (1991-1998)<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. This is my best friend we met playing basketball at St. Aidans in 1991<br /> 3. This is my brother he left St. Aidans in 2001<br /> 4. Somehow, weve grown a decent business<br /> 5. It wasnt always this way back in 1997, we made 800 and got sued.<br /> 6. In 2005, we made a go of it we made 36,000 in revenue and learnt the value of getting things in writing<br /> 7. Overnight success takes years<br />Its really easy to stop here<br /> 8. We didnt make a business plan we got talked into college, then sensible jobs which earnt significantly more than the business initially<br /><br /> 9. Can I have some advice please?<br /> 10. Stop worrying what others think. Things dont always work out great for the cool kids<br /> 11. Hang out with people who are smarter than you: you will come to resemble the people you hang out with<br /> 12. Business friends rock you dont get a network at networking events. Just like you dont make friends at friend events<br /> 13. No, you cant have a pony you arent owed anything. Make your own way. Lead without permission<br />Not yours<br />Idea unashamedly from:<br /> 14. Curiosity is your best asset I learnt Python and Django to (help) build our video store. It made $15,000 in its first month<br /> 15. NBED How to get hired example of Ed<br />Anyone can get hired dont scatter-gun CVs. Choose where you want to work and impress the hell out of them<br />A guy younger than you lot made this to impress us<br /> 16. For everyone who comes in here talking about the team they are going to hire, there are three others out there that did hire people<br /><br /> 17. Read these books:<br /> 18. You need to make cold calls every single day otherwise your business will wither and die.<br />We didnt. It didnt.<br /> 19. Once you leave college, its not cheating any more attribute sources, but copy away. Give yourself unfair advantages<br /><br /> 20. From here on out, do something you love if you dont, youre doing it wrong<br /> 21. I hope Ive given you some useful advice. Remember as you make your way into the world that most people dont know what theyre doing<br />Never compare your inside to someone elses outside<br /> 22. Will Critchlow, Head of R&amp;D<br />Feel free to give me a shout with any questions or for any further advice you need.<br /> 23. Credits<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></p>