what i know now that i wish i'd known when i started

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Some thoughts from Axel Palmer, a PhD student at UWE who is in the final stages of his doctorate.


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What I know now that I wish I had known then

Axel PalmerCommercial Law Research UnitThe University of the West of England

Graduate SchoolIntroduction 7 October 20141

Look out for this man!Its your PhDYou own it its a jobYou have to control itIt does not control youMy (shared) living space its a job!

Get to know this man!

Look out for this man!Director of Studies / SupervisorsKey people for you this is the key relationshipI am lucky, my team of three are all active and involved in the subject.I meet my DoS every week or so, if only for a chat over a coffeeManage their time they work for you.Agree plans they are busy. You have to be their priority

Try to leave some space for other things!! PhD