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kls gogte institute of technologydepartment of management studies and research belgaum -5900062014Academic Live ProjectFor MBA Second SemesterParle ProductsPvt Ltd By: b.b. shiggattiUSN: 2GI13MBA08 Guided by:Prof. S. N. KHANAIudyambag, Belgaum - 590006

Table of contentsIntroduction to CompanyIndustry AnalysisHistory of companyVision, Mission and objectives of the companyPEST analysisMarketing ManagementSegmentation, Targeting and PositioningProduct and services offered by companyPricing strategiesPromotion strategies.Distribution strategiesCustomer relationship managementHuman resource ManagementRecruitment, selection and training strategies.compensation managementPerformance managementCareer PlanningOrganization StructureFinancial managementCapital decisionsRatio Analysis.Working capital management.SWOT analysisCorporate Social responsibility

Introduction to PARLE G

A cream colored yellow stripped wrapper with a cute baby photo containing10 12 biscuits with the companys name printed inRed and you know these areParle Gbiscuits. Times changed, variety of biscuits did come andgo but nothing has changed with these biscuits.Parle-G is one of theoldestbrand names as wellas thelargest sellingbrand of biscuits in India.Parle-GorParle Glucoseis a brand ofBiscuitsmanufactured byParle productsin India.

Parle name conjures up fondmemories across the length and breadth of the country. After all,since 1929, thepeople of India have been growing up onParle biscuits &sweets. For around75 years, Parle have been manufacturing quality biscuits and confectionery products.

Over the years Parle has grown to become a multi million-dollar company with manyof the products as market leaders in their category. Parle Products began manufacturing biscuits, in addition to sweets and toffees. Having already established a reputation for quality, the Parle brand name grew instrength with this diversification. Parle GlucoseandParle Monacowere the first brands ofbiscuits to be introduced, which later went onto become leading brand names itself for great taste and quality. Today, Parle enjoys a40% share ofthe total biscuit marketand a 15% share of the total confectionary market, in India.INDUSTRY ANALYSISIntroduction Defining FMCG Industry Products which have a quick turnover, and relatively low cost are known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). FMCG products are those that get replaced within a year. Examples of FMCG generally include a wide range of frequently purchased consumer products such as toiletries, soap, cosmetics, tooth cleaning products, shaving products and detergents, as well as other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, batteries, paper products, and plastic goods. FMCG may also include pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, packaged food products, soft drinks, tissue paper, and chocolate bars. A subset of FMCGs are Fast Moving Consumer Electronics which include innovative electronic products such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS Systems and Laptops. These are replaced more frequently than other electronic products. White goods in FMCG refer to household electronic items such as Refrigerators, T.Vs, Music Systems, etc. In 2005, the Rs. 48,000-crore FMCG segment was one of the fast growing industries in India. According to the AC Nielsen India study, the industry grew 5.3% in value between 2004 and 2005. Creating a strong brand identity, leveraging new product categories and growing the customer base are core concerns for consumer product companies. Firms are looking to maximize profits and market share in a highly competitive environment that includes such challenges and risks as demanding customers, consolidation and global expansion.

HISTORY OF COMPANYSince 1929, Parle Products, with its wide platter of biscuits and sweets is also actively engaged in changing and uplifting the social face of India. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, Parle is keenly involved in the overall development of the younger generation, with a focused endeavor to build the New Face of India and spread happiness and joy all over. Some of our best habits, as we said, are also our oldest. Many of them date back to the last decade of the 19th century. It was in the 1880s that the late Mohanlal Dayal came to Bombay from his village Pardi, in the district of Surat, to work as a dusting boy at a silk merchants. What a long way that bright little boy came! First, the hard apprenticeship and the graduation to Master Cutter, then the elite tailoring establishment that eventually developed into a wholesale business to finally, the new business in confections and biscuits. Always, the accent was on self-sufficiency. Mohanlal Dayal was not just a progressive and astute businessman. He never gave in to the sense of indifference that often comes with the commercial outlook. All through his life, he was deeply conscious of his duties towards society and the community. He built the Shri Mohanlal Dayal Prasuti Graha and General Hospital in Pardi, which is maintained through charity trusts set up by him. The Shri Mohanlal Dayal Sanatorium and Hostel at Matunga in Bombay is another such institution. In his memory and after his example, his sons have donated significant sums to set up the Chauhan Institute of Science. Parle Centre of Excellence, as an institution, is dedicated to enriching the lives of people by conducting various cultural programs across all regions to facilitate the all round development of children. Every year, Parle organizes Saraswati Vandana in the state of West Bengal during the festival of Saraswati Puja, inviting schools from all across the state to participate. The event is one of much fanfare and celebration, keeping alive the culture and traditions. The involvement in cultural activities has seen the inception of Golu Galata in Tamil Nadu, held during Navratri. It provides all the members of a household a platform to showcase their creativity and be judged by eminent personalities. Thousands of families participate and celebrate the occasion.

COMPANY PROFILEEstablishmentHeadquarters 1929Mumbai Area, India

Industry Food & Beverages

Type Privately Held

Company Size 1,000 employees


Common Job Titles

Sales Officer 28%

Area Sales Manager 13%

Sales Executive 10%

Production Officer 7%

Sales Manager 5%

VISIONThe main vision of Parle is to concentrate on consumers taste and preferences. The Parle brand has grown from strength to strength ever since its inception. For fulfilling its vision they do every batch of biscuits and confectionaries are thoroughly checked by experts staff, using the most modern equipment hence ensuring the same perfect quality across the nation and abroad.MISSIONFor over 65 years, Parle G has been a part of the lives of every Indian. From the snow capped mountains in the north to the sultry towns in the south, from frenetic cities to laid back villages, Parle G has nourished strengthened and delighted millions. Various people have various reasons to consume it, some consume it for the value it offers while others consume it for sheer taste, For some it is a meal substitute for others it is a tasty healthy nourishing snack. Patronized by millions for all this qualities, it is much more than just a biscuit brand. Little wonder than why is it the Largest selling Biscuit brand in the World.

PEST ANALYSIS OF PARLEPOLITICAL:-Taxes-Production and distributionlicensesECONOMICAL-In Per CapitalIncome-Indias GDP Growing At An AverageAge 8%SOCIAL:-Greater in per capita consumption-India is 3rdlargest product of Biscuit-TECHNOLOGICAL:-Innovation-R&D

MARKETING MANAGEMENTParle was a small company started in the year 1929 in Ville Parle in Mumbai. This company went on to become the worlds largest biscuit manufacturer. The company had the intent to spread joy and cheer in the lives of adults and children, all over the country with their range of sweets and candies.From a small factory set up on the outskirts of Mumbai they have grown to have 7 manufacturing units all over India. Today Parle sells biscuits, confectionary and snacks in more than 200 SKUs and has won numerous awards internationally and has been sweetening lives all over India and abroad.SEGMENTATION TARGETING AND POSITIONING OF PARLEIf we divide the whole market on basis of their preferences foe sweetness and saltiness in the biscuits then the possible outcome would be that the preferences are clustered near some tastes i.e. the consumers would not like to have something really vague like 50%salty, 25%sweet and25%creamy.That is why the preferences are clustered and not diffused wherein the preferences have to be very extreme and vague. Parle as a company makes use of this clustered preferences and manufactures biscuits for each and every cluster. For e.g. Monaco for entirely salty biscuits and its latest product Krack jack-cream is for sweet and salty taste.Target Marketing:Segmentation reveals only the firms opportunities. The firm now has to evaluate the various segments and decide how many and which segments it can best serve.Evaluating Market Segments:A firm must look at three factors to evaluate market segments: segment size and growth; segment structural attractiveness; and company objectives and resources.The company must first collect and analyze data on current segment sales, growth rates, and expected profitability for various segments. It will be interested in segments that have the right size and growth characteristics. But right size and growth is a relative matter.There are several structural characteristics that affect long-run segment at


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