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Dedicated issue for Performance Management


  • OrchestratorApril 2016

    Business Magazine by Resilience& | Middle East


    Orchestrator Magazine is a dedicated business insights initiative by Resilience& Middle East to serve its community with the outreach of powerful subjects towards community empowerment.

    Special IssueDedicated to Transformation

    Culture, Performance, Technology and Business; It is all about


    Passionate for Excellence

    Lessons learnt by John Mattone

    Redesigning Performance Management

    1st Middle East Conference on KPI and Performance, Dubai 29th

    May-1st June, 2016

    Vicky Klimi is the first CEO at Resilience& Network

  • To Orchestrator Magazine

    New era for business orchestrators

    Orchestrator Magazine is a non-for-profitbusiness insights magazine dedicated forhighlighting new and evolving concepts, ideas andshowing success models in different business andtechnological practices across different industriesthrough Resilience& community.

    A community-driven initiative from Resilience&to contribute to the community enrichment withdifferent insightful articles from differentcommunity groups to empower individuals,organizations and the entire community.


    OrchestratorApril 2016

    Business Magazine by Resilience& | Middle East

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    Oil & Gas









    Real Estate







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  • Committed

    towards Business


    Resilience& is a recognized specialist in Business Transformation and Performance Excellence with successful track records in Middle East.

    3| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Passionate for Excellence

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    Featured in

    this issue

    Orchestrator MagazineBusiness Magazine by Resilience& | Middle East

    Culture Transformation Lessons learnt from John Mattone

    Leadership Space InitiativeGlobal Community Initiative for talent exploration

    Management Talks

    Redesigning Performance ManagementTechnical approach by People Management Practice






    ISO 9001 TransitionWhy you shall upgrade?


    Quality Talks

    Information Security Compliance in Financial SectorISO 27001:2013


    Technology & Compliance


    Business Continuity Management System in BankingBank of Muscat Business Case


    Sustainability and Energy ManagementStart Implementing ISO 50001


    Certified KPI Professional Exclusive Accredited Programs




    Evacuation Management in Retail IndustryMEAZA GBroup


  • About Resilience&

    Resilience& is a UK-based network of independentlyowned and managed consulting firms andindependent experts who are leading differentconsulting practices to empower the community beingmore resilient in front of market and worldsdynamics. Our Key Performance Indicators aremeasured against the value of organizational flexibilityand resilience to cope with changes.

    Resilience& is a world class practice-orientedconsulting firm working on consulting services,systems audit, and institutional and social corporatereforms.

    What We Do

    Advisory Strategy Transformation Quality & Center of Excellence Program Management (PMO) Technology Operations Sustainability

    Audit IT Audit & Governance & Risk ISO Audit HR Audit Projects Audit Business Continuity Audit Organizational Maturity Assessment Corporate Controls Design & Review Organizational Excellence Assessment


    Where We Serve


    UK Greece Kuwait Egypt Oman UAE

    Business Transformation Experts

    5| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

  • Leadership Space

    Initiative (LSI)

    Community-driven initiative by Resilience& for empowering talents

    Photo from Czech RepublicJitka Mulacova, Head of Communication | Resilience&

    6| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    I like exposure to new experiences, thats why I liked consulting career at Resilience&

    ~Jitka Mulacova

  • 7| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Leadership Space Initiative (LSI) is a global initiative for all Resilience& members, consultants in the network and also potential candidates and interns; where you can have your own space to virtually manage the company as global CEO, drawing prototype strategies, business cases, initiate new business cases for the corporate development, only without any legal involvement. This initiative allows young entrepreneurs and talents to get in touch with senior management team to suggest, criticize and lead some corporate-wide initiatives. Also it will grant access to the company knowledge-library and attend assertive key trainings and workshops. Accordingly, there will be an annual award for LSI highest scoring member

    Submission Process: Send your CV, brief about yourself and

    your passion about leadership, to (hr@resilienceand.co.uk)

    Attach an abstract of 200 words about your idea for leading or managing a consulting firm and what kind of community engagement and people empowerment initiative you would like to achieve

    Based on committee review, you will be contacted within 2 weeks of your submission

    By doing that you will get a free-voucher for all community empowerment activities, seminars and events supported by Resilience& in all of its operating countries. Successful business cases will be sponsored by Resilience& with the copyrights of the author and will be implemented across all Resilience& Offices

    LSIis one of our global talent acquisition program to pick talented professionals and future leaders under one DNA, Resilience&

    JOIN UShr@resilienceand.co.uk

  • Who shall submit? Talent, HR, Leadership, and Strategy

    Professionals Management Consultants and Trainers Performance Improvement Specialists Interns and Fresh graduates who have

    passion towards excellence All Resilience& consultants and network

    members CSR Professionals

    Benefits Free vouchers for Resilience&

    empowerment and leadership programs Getting access to frequent insights,

    articles, videos and magazines Ideas sponsorship and implementation Career opportunity Nomination for annual awards of LSI

    JOIN NOWwww.resilienceand.co.uk/LSI

    Resilience& is a talent support and transformation agent empowering people, organizations and communities to explore

    possibilities and unleash the abilities. Explore leadership in a recognized

    consulting firm

    Photo from KuwaitKhalid Ragab (Right), Jitka Mulacova and Nebu Thomas


    8| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

  • Lessons learnt from John Mattone

    Written by Eng. Ahmed Ragab

    Principal Partner of Resilience& Middle EastTransformation & Business Excellence Leader

    9| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016



    Photo from KuwaitJohn Mattone (left), Ahmed Ragab

  • Keep the momentumCreating the motivation is always a success milestone, but keeping the momentum is the real challenge. Corporate can create the motivation in a short-time, but it takes sincere efforts and willingness to maintain it whatever external and internal factors are.

    10| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016



    It was a privilege to get in touch with

    John Mattone in one of his Middle East

    visits. To me he is a real inspiring

    transformation expert and one the

    worlds leading authorities on

    leadership, talent and culture. He

    advises Fortune 1000 CEOs and senior

    leadership teams on how to create and

    sustain a leadership and talent culture

    that drives superior operating results.

    Before the meeting, I just told him: rarely,

    we can learn from real business-case

    oriented leaders about the transformation

    process and I wish todays speech can cover

    not only the culture transformation but also

    the entire business transformation. With a

    confident smile, he replied: I just came to

    do that!

    Business transformation is a

    comprehensive process covering all

    business pillars; people, process,

    technology, culture, suppliers and

    community. As business transformation

    specialist, I always search for the practical

    integrated models that implement the

    entire success indicators to reach a reliable

    and successful transformation model. With

    reflective insights merged with John

    Mattones lessons, we can have the

    following inspiring points to share with

    practitioners so they can build on top of it

    and progressively develop it more.

    Think differently and think big This was the first statement that John Mattone started his approach for designing, deploying and leading the transformation model. An exceptional way of thinking is to think differently. Be away from the crowd, just seek the uniqueness and authenticity of your ideas, regardless the normal pattern!

    Think differently and think big ~Steve Jobs



  • 11| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Unique ideas take time to be promotedTime-to-market always matters, but sometimes the market digestion process takes time to get the new concepts and innovative proposition. Leading the corporate culture towards one crystal clear destination in order to synchronize properly and motivate your people to keep the same momentum.

    Trust in the existing capacitiesCorporate capital, organization assets, driving force, People! Identify, respect and develop existing capacities of your driving force and capitalize on different talents no matter what they can do today , but believe in the progressive development.

    Reference: John Mattones website



    About John Mattone

    John Mattone, an author and consultant, is one of the foremost experts on leadership and culture. His advice

    on building and sustaining leadership and talent culture with results has been sought after by Fortune 1000 CEOs and executive teams. His latest book, Cultural Transformations: Lessons of Leadership and Corporate Reinvention (with co-author Nick Vaidya). (www.johnmattone.com)

  • Resilience& is a recognized specialist in Business Transformation and Performance Excellence with successful track records in Middle East.

    12| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Passionate for Excellence


    towards Business


    Business Transformation Topology is where we engineer. We are passionate business architects

  • Redesigning


    ManagementWritten by Olesea Mirza

    Leader of Organization and People ManagementResilience& ME & Europe

    13| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Photo from Resilience& OfficeOlesea Mirza | Leader of Organization and People Management

  • 14| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Management Talks:Redesigning

    Performance Management

    CIPD describes Performance Management (PM) as a holistic process that ensures employees performance contributes to business objectives. They also recommend the PM to be strategically oriented but also bring together different features of business, people management, individuals and teams. However, change is underway, and Deloitte, Adobe, Microsoft and Accenture out of many other companies have engaged into redesigning their performance management system.

  • 15| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Management Talks:Redesigning

    Performance Management

    The old model of annual

    reviews and setting long-term

    goals and objectives is not

    responding to the changing

    requirements nor does it

    deliver real - time feedback.

    According to HC trends 2015,

    many organisations used to

    think of PM as a backwards

    looking assessment process

    owned by the HR.

    Therefore, in the new design,

    PM is focused on increasing

    performance in the future

    with a forward looking

    purpose to serve an effective,

    dedicated business process

    that increases employee

    commitment and drives

    business results.

    So where can the

    companies start?

    To win in the marketplace

    you must first win in the


    Doug Conant

    Real time feedback. Make it simple and get rid of the time consuming and paper filled steps. Deloitte found that completing the appraisals forms, holding the meetings and creating the ratings consumed around 2 million hours per year

    Align the strategy to the philosophy

    Differentiate performance and compensation

    Establish a new PM culture and focus on ongoing feedback and empower effective coaching through training

    Empower local managers by authorizing them to recognize and reward the performance of the employees throughout the yearCompanies shall start consider the

    following guiding steps:

  • 16| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Management Talks:Redesigning

    Performance Management

    A number of companies including Adobe, Juniper and Microsoft have remodelled the PM process to reduce the impact of ratings, as research has shown that numerical ratings may have a negative impact on employees engagement and self-confidence.

    Adobe also implemented the real-time feedback system in 2012, and it believes that its productivity has increased ever since.

    Technology makes goal setting as transparent as it can be and agile

    management easier than ever. The employees are able to share their goals and provide feedback to each other online.

    Companies started focusing on managing to strengths and not to weaknesses, as research has provedthat employees perform better when

    the work they are doing leverages their skills and aspirations.Team centric goals works better than individual goals as it helps teams to improve collaboration and performance.

    Redesigning the



    New Trends

    The conclusion would be that trends in Performance Management are constantly changing, and even if more attention is given to simplification and coaching rather than to the traditional appraisals and rankings, the focus has shifted just slightly. Performance management still implies open communication, feedback and development, only that this needs should be met in real time now.

  • ISO 9001 TransitionDelight Your Customers with Managed Quality

    ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

    Why you shall upgrade?

    Proposed new added-values: Organizational knowledge management and competency

    development Introducing risk management, threats and opportunities

    (almost covered in the provided draft) Leadership with flexible style instead of bottlenecking

    everything through top-management Performance management culture

    Removed extra work and exhausting documentation: No quality manual No obligatory documented procedures No preventive action but proposing risk-based thinking

    17| Orchestrator Magazine, April 2016

    Sustainability and Energy ManagementStart Implementing ISO 50001

    Improve your energy performance and use resources more efficiently by implementing Energy Management System (ISO 50001) with Resilience&.It`s the right time to start the continual improvement of your business and your environment!

    ISO 50001:2011Energy Management System

    Ask for the footprint

  • We are Business



    We orchestrate with the Key Performance Indicators to achieve organizational resilience. We hire the best-in-field experts to deliver exceptional client results. Our clients are confidently relying on our visionary yet practical business architects.

    18| Orchestrator Magazine, April...