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<ul><li><p>8/14/2019 Open the Mind &amp; Heart</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Join Hands with Open Mind &amp; Open Heart</p><p>Sati</p><p>The issue of Climate and Nature is in fact not a new one. Not less than 5000 to 6000 years back,the Vedic period too had the caution and prayer for saving the planet. The Seers of Rig Vedaspeak on behalf of earth and pray for the divine intervention to bless and protect theenvironment.</p><p>"Do not harm the environment;do not harm the water and the flora;earth is my mother, I am her son; </p><p>Tranquility be to the atmosphere,to the earth, to the waters,to the crops and vegetation."</p><p>"Whatever I dig from thee, O Earth,may that have quick recovery again.</p><p>O purifier, may we not injure thy vitals or thy heart".</p><p>The Seers of Rig Veda speak on behalf of earth for its Principle of Replenishment,</p><p>"You give me and I give you".</p><p>But we forgot it in our over enthusiasm and have evidently lost much. There is not an easy</p><p>solution now to work well for everyone, but there are solutions that do work. Open minds aboutthe power of common efforts can give us another opportunity.</p><p>Though we cannot sideline the politics and economics involved in international treaties, but thereis something related directly to the existence of life on this planet, beyond politico-economicdeals.</p><p>Let us join hands with open hearts and minds work for its solution at the earliest. It is never toolate.</p><p>Sati Shankar 2010/02/24</p><p>Revised version of the copy submitted to U.N. Global Compact: Climate 2009</p></li></ul>