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http://www.fridayschildmontessori.com/children-explore.html At Fridays Child Montessori, we believe that children explore their world with their hands, their hearts, and their minds.


  • 1. Page 1Hand - Heart Mindat Fridays Child Montessoriwww.fridayschildmontessori.com
  • 2. Page 2At Fridays Child Montessori, webelieve that children explore theirworld with their hands, their hearts,and their minds.
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  • 5. Page 5Our teachers recognise andinterface with each child as a theirown person and are skilled at guidingchildren to help them grow in waysthat are most natural to them.
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  • 8. Page 8We recognise that the majority oflearning at younger ages is throughmovement and must match eachchilds own pace, so our classroomactivities are specially designed andintroduced to optimise skilldevelopment.
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  • 10. Page 10We also give all children the toolsthey need to address conflicts,become confident leaders, and fulfilltheir natural desires to createconnections with the people aroundthem and the universe at large.
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  • 13. Page 13Our bullying prevention programhelps all children - those who maybecome bullies as well as those whomay be victimised. Communication offeelings works.
  • 14. Page 14The older ones also learn to look outfor and help the younger ones, whichfosters a sense of responsibility andsharing.
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  • 16. Page 16We love thisMontessori in Gold Coast
  • 17. Page 17www.fridayschildmontessori.com