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One is a 90 minute musical experience on the big screen - sound captured live on location in the hills of the Nilgiris, southern India. Featuring carnatic singer T.M. Krishna. Mixed in Dolby Atmos sound - in an attempt to transport you to the place and time where the music happened.


  • Conceived and Directed by P. Jayendra Featuring T.M. Krishna Produced by C. Srikanth, Aghal Films

  • Today, somehow, music is mostly seen as a performance art. In the confines of the auditorium, limited by expectations, an artiste takes the stage not purely to embrace music but to also satisfy varied expectations. In this environment, often the artiste and the listener are unable to suspend the reality around themthem to experience the sheer joy of being one with the music.

    W hen music stops being a performance art

  • Far away from the world of traditions and expectations, a voice searches for those perfect notes and beautiful phrases that define his music. The artistes imagination is set free by the birds and the breeze, the rivers and the mountains.

    W hen nature inspires an artistes imagination

  • There was no performance. There was no reality to suspend. There were no expectations to fulfill. The artiste sang to experience sheer joy. As nothing came between the art and artiste, we tried to capture it as unobtrusively as possible to preserve the purity of the moment.

    W hen nothing comes between the art and artiste

  • Aghal Films, producer of Indias first concert film (Margazhi Raagam), has attempted to create another unique musical experience. This 90 minute film has been shot on the hills of the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. The sound has been recorded on location and mixed in Dolby Atmos to transport you to the place and moment when the music happened.and moment when the music happened.

    From the makers of M argazhi Raagam