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Knowledge sharing before seminar about strategic planning process.


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2. 2020 9-10 .. 57 3. .. 2558-622020 4. 5. Where are we now? ?Where do we want to go? ?How do we get there??SWOT AnalysisVision and GoalsStrategies 6. / (SWOT) (Vision) (Mission) (Strategic Issues) (Goals) BSC (Key Performance Indicators) (Target) (Strategic initiatives) (Action Plan) Logframe /Project 7. 1 2 3 4(Project Setup) (SWOT Analysis) (Vision, Goals, and Strategic Issues) (Strategies) (Action Plans) Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat / 8. (Strengths)- (Weaknesses)- (Opportunities)- (Threats)- 9. (Vision)(Strategic Issues)(Goals) " " (Vision) (SWOT) 10. (Mission) (Vision) 11. (Shared value) "" 12. OTSW 13. 1. 2. 3. 4. ( Innovation = Intelligent Risks + Strategic Opportunities) 14. 15. Stakeholders Strategic Issues 16. ObjectivesMilestonesProvide technology & resources% new technology used by staffLearning assessment projectInternalLearningCustomerAccountableHR Committee$ xxxxResource Alloc.TargetsInitiativesMeasuresVisionMissionProvide personalized careCustomer satisfaction survey rating04 xx%05 xx%06 xx%Survey drafted by 6/04Deadline metMkg. Team$ xxxxTo provide top-notch healthcare to our communityBe the community hospital of choiceLonger Term (3-5 year) ViewShorter Term (Annual) ViewStrategy LeadershipTactics ManagementService level spot check ratingElectronic notes projectDept. ChairsComplete by 2004All patients logged in$ xxxxKeep patients informed04 xx%05 xx%06 xx%FinancialGrow high- margin service% revenue from high- margin services04 xx%05 xx%06 xx%Develop organization- wide survey04 xx%05 xx%06 xx%Strategy and MapL4P1P2F1F2C1 17. (If you cant measure, you cant managed) (If you cant measure, you cant improved) (What gets measure, gets done)(Key Performance Indicators) 18. (Target) () (Internal driven) (External driven) (Capability) (Expectation)(Competition)(Standard) (Best-practice) 19. Stretch Target Small Step Target Baseline Target () 20. 1Speed over Perfection (Something better than Nothing)Keep it Simple 21. 1. (Leadership)2. (Org. must focus on strategy)3. (Translate and communicate)4. (Alignment)5. (Accountability of strategic performance at all levels)6. (Linkage to action plan and budget)7. (Right Culture)8. (Right Processes)9. (Right People)10. (Motivation) 22. Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)