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    Phone Nos. +91-9889680485 +91-9725672347

    Address- 651, Shekhupura Colony, Vikas Nagar-226022


  • Mr. Abhinav Singh As a leader, founder and a human being, accepting a change in the best possible way

    is my sole endeavor. You cant always go back to the scratch and start over; at some point you have to learn to turn your experiences and mistakes into something more, a

    success story.

  • Ms. Vertika Singh Everything you do, each decision you take defines who you are as a person. Failure is

    inevitable, don't be afraid of it. Accept whatever comes your way. You'll be able to accomplish some and will fail miserably at others; accept both. Challenge and love life

    as it comes your way.

  • Anmol Mathur

    A leader is as good as his team members. proper co-ordination is the soul of smooth working in any organization. you need to share your vision with them. nothing will motivate them like your belief in them and their ability to work for the vision.

  • Neha Bisht

    Authenticity is more important than anything when it comes to leadership. the more you try to please everyone the more you hurt your effectiveness. Always keep your purpose as your priority and You'll be able to impact the world like never before.

  • Apurv Gaurav

    I firmly believe that you can only inspire others when you accept who you are. doing anything for any organization is highly daunting and emotional. Humility, self discovery

    and transformation are all that you need to be a positive impact.

  • Yashvardhan Lohani Time is money, for me its the most precious resource. every minute that goes by can

    never be recovered. therefore it is crucial that of all the innovative ideas you chose the best and most realistic ones. the time you save will be crucial to the next important

    duty you have to perform.

  • The Lucknow Chapter of Oneness Organization started on October 2nd, 2014. More than 50 volunteers attended the meeting and took the initiative of collecting

    waste notebook material for the project AKSHARA

  • Project AKSHARA The project AKSHARA aimed at promoting literacy in the society by

    providing notebooks for children free of cost .Thereby generating interest in children for education .

    In the project AKSHARA the volunteers collected waste paper material from all over the Lucknow city .The collected material was then send for recycling and new notebooks were produced from the recycled material .The new produced notebooks were then distributed to the needy children and various organizations working for children .

    The project aimed at collecting 1000kgs of waste material. The project was divided into three phases which are as follows :-

  • PHASE I: Individual collection

    This phase was between October 2nd 2014 to October 6th 2014. This phase was expected to collect 400kgs of material. All the volunteers went door to door informing about AKSHARA and collecting the waste paper material. Every volunteer was given target of collecting atleast 10kgs of the waste material. The collected material was then transported to the warehouse for storage.

    This phase was overwhelmingly successful as we collected more material than targeted. The collection crossed the 500kg mark.

  • PHASE II: Schools

    This phase was between October 7, 2014 to October 11 2014 and was aimed at collection from the schools. This phase was expected to collect 500kgs of waste paper material.

    The volunteers went to various schools, interacted with the students and informed them about AKSHARA.

    A drop box was placed in the schools where students dumped their waste paper material.

    This phase collected around 350kgs of the waste paper material.

  • PHASE III: Distribution

    This was the most important phase of the whole project. Wherein the new notebooks were distributed to

    Dayanand Bal Sadan- This is an orphanage and school which takes care of 300 orphan children and educates them.

    Hind School and Others- A school which is Village Gadhi located at a distance of 40kms away from the city Lucknow. The village consists of people from the SC/ST community. This Schools has a strength of Hind School and two more schools attached to it is 800 students.

    Slums in Gomtinagar and Vikas Nagar- Copies were also distributed in the slums where Govt. teachers are appointed for teaching the children of these slums.

  • Distribution at Dayanand Bal Sadan, Hind School and slums.