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Oculus rift virtual reality.


  • 1. Oculus RiftVirtual Reality Gaming.Name: Varun VermaHt.no: 11621A05B8

2. Contents Introduction to Oculus Advantages Working:Immersive stereoscopic 3D renderingUltra low latency positional tracking and low persistenceField view and image synthesis Future Possibilities Conclusion 3. Introduction to Oculus 4. Oculus Rift was invented by a virtual reality enthusiast named Palmer Luckey. The Oculus Rift is an upcoming virtual reality head mounted display, beingdeveloped by Oculus VR, a division of Facebook. The Oculus Rift delivers a high-end virtual reality experience at an affordableprice. The Rift is also designed to be as comfortable and lightweight as possiblefor long play sessions. The current Oculus Rift development kit is 369g. Creates an impression of immense environment with a small physical place largefield view. Visual instinctive gameplay whereby enabling perspective base on head motion. Immersive virtual reality gameplay takes help of our brains sensor fusion, inorder to provide both realism and presence. Low Persistence Stable image as you turn - no motion blur Rolling shutter latency Right-to-left 3ms band of light Eyes offset temporally Positional Tracking 5. Advantages:The Oculus VR provides Immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering enablinghigher rate of depth into the virtual environment.Extended diagonal field view of 110degrees provides the realism andpresence into the virtual environment.The latency and 360 degrees head tracking mechanism enables movingthrough rather than tracking dependent upon head gestures.Refresh rate of 75Hz along with low persistence OLED display, eliminatemotion blur and judder, two of the biggest contributor to simulatorsickness.The affordability plays a major role, the console is offered at 350$ highervariance. 6. Immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering: 7. The Stereoscopic 3D view is a technique for creating the illusion ofdepth in an image. The Oculus Rift uses Stereoscopic 3D view and allows you to seeexcellent depth, scale, and parallax. It is achieved by presenting unique and parallel images for each eye,creating a much more realistic experience ("Next-Gen virtualreality,"). The Stereoscopic 3D rendering that is equipped on the Oculus Riftallows you to feel that you are in the virtual world. 8. Ultra low latency positional tracking and lowpersistance: 9. In order for the consumer to completely feel as if they are in the virtualworld, the Oculus Rift uses a custom tracking technology to provide lowlatency 360 degrees head tracking. This allows the consumer to look around the game as if he is in real life.With every movement of the gamers head; it is tracked by the use ofsensors into the game and makes the virtual game feel natural. Every movement that the consumers head makes it is tracked in real timeand changes the orientation of the observer. This creates the most naturalexperience a gamer can have with a headset. Low persistence provides rolling shutter( Right-to-left 3ms band of light Eyes offset temporally) 10. Field view and image synthesis: 11. Ultra Wide Field of View The Oculus Rift provides an approximately 110field of view, stretching the virtual world beyond your peripheral vision.Your view of the game is no longer boxed in on a screen and is only limitedby what your eyes can see. The combination of the wide field of view with head-tracking andstereoscopic 3D creates an immersive virtual reality experience. Conventional planar projection GPUs like this because Straight edges remain straight Planes remain planar after projection Synthesis takes a while So we predict the position / orientation A longrange prediction: ~10-30ms out 12. Conclusion: Every gaming company creates a game that will allow the consumer to feelas if they are in the game. Companies try to make the gamer more involved in the game by creatinginventions such as the Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox Kinect. The Oculus Rift has become very interesting to with its different features,creating the most possible natural experience for the virtual world The Oculus Rift has become an interesting trend in 2013 because of itscapability. There are no other headsets that feature an amazing immersivestereoscopic 3D rendering, a massive field of view, and a low latency 360-degree head tracking. The Oculus Rift allows you to experience the virtualworld from your own living room.


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