20151013 vrスタートアップ最新動向 oculus rift勉強会#3

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  1. 1. 2015/10/13
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  3. 3. Immersive experience for everyone. Take everything into immersive experience. Our Goal
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  7. 7. 7 Competitor Oct. 2015 Company Market Category Overview Device Raise Capital Oculus VR VR HARD HMD Device Developer Rift/GearVR Tobii VR/AR HARD Eye Tracking Device PC matterport VR/AR HARD 3D Model Scan Device Mobile/other Jun.2015 $3M Total $5.6M Razer VR/AR HARD OSVR, Input Device PC,Origin 2011 $5M Intel Capital, Blipper AR SOFT AR Apps iPhone/Android Leap Motion VR/AR HARD Motion Tracking Input Device PC/Rift CCP Games VR SOFT Game Developer Rift/GearVR/Other Jaunt AR/VR HARD 360 Degree Camera Other 2014 $27.5M Total $35M Vuzix AR HARD Glass type wearable PC PC/Mobile zSpace VR/AR HARD 3D Pentablet Other Improbable VR SOFT Simulated worlds(large-scale VR) PC/Rift/Other Mar.2015 $20M Linden Lab VR SOFT 3DCG SNS PC/Rift/Other Nival VR SOFT VR Content Dev Rift/GearVR/iPhone/Android High Fidelity VR SOFT Motion Tracking SNS Rift/GearVR/Other $17.5M Fourthwall VR SOFT VR SNS Rift/GearVR/Other Mixamo VR/AR SOFT 3D Model/Animation/Motion/Born Store PC WemoLab VR SOFT VR Contents Dev Rift/GearVR/iPhone/Android Jul.2015 $1M Total $1.86M MindMaze VR/AR SOFT/HARD Motion/Hrad/Finger Tracking & Healthcare PC/Other Virtuix VR HARD Motion Tracking Rift/Other $7.5M $1.1M kickstarter Floored VR SOFT Creative 3D Model & Room Web/iPhone/Android Lumus AR HARD AR Display (Lumus have 50% share of HMD for Army) iPhone/Android/other AltspaceVR VR SOFT VR SNS Rift/Other $15.7M MediaSpike VR SOFT Native Add for VR Rit/Other NextVR VR SOFT/HARD 4k 360-degree Movie Streaming Platform & Camera Rift/GearVR/other $5M Avegant VR HARD HMD "Glyph" origin $24M Intel Capital, NHN Investment, Lian Luo, The Bunting Family Found Resolution Games VR SOFT Game Developer Rift/GearVR/Other $60M Google Ventures castAR AR HARD horographic AR Glass "castAR" left Valv's member origin $15M Playground Global Magic Leap AR SOFT/HARD HMD for AR.Photonics Lightfeald Chip Technology origin Feb.2012 $50M Oct.2015 $542M Google Ventures Nod Labs VR/AR HARD Controller,Motion Controller "Nod Ring", Motion Caoture for VR Jun.2015 $13.5M Total $16M WorldViz VR/AR HARD 3D VR Space Making Software"Vizard", Motion Trackig Camera"PPT" origin $?M Merge VR VR HARD Smartphone based HMD $2.5M over 3rd Round VRIDEO VR SOFT 360-Degree Video Web based Contents hosting Service Rift/GearVR/iPhone/Android Mar.2015 $1.8M Seed 40
  8. 8. 8 VRRiver Civic Center 1315
  9. 9. 9 SanMateo 101
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  14. 14. 14 e-mail : shogonu@dverse.me