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After being released from jail, Danny Ocean organized and leaded a team of 10 other individuals with different specialties to rob the vault that holds more than $150 million for three casinos owned by Terry Benedict in Las Vegas.

This presentation looks at how one individual, with one dream, can overcome the odds using other peoples skills and experience to achieve something very difficult and unique. It chronicles the endeavour and style of the team trying to succeed in the impossible (stealing $150 million) and to salvage certain losses. The genius of this smart crime caper is its palatable premise (diverse characters working toward their goals) and its confident conviction (detailing every aspect and technicality of its theme).

The TeamThe Eleven:(Standing in order L to R): Virgil & Turk Malloy (Feuding Brothers), Frank (Inside man), Rusty(The Brain), Danny(Leader), Basher(Munitions expert)(Sitting): Livingston(Technical expert), Saul(Con-man), Reuben(The financer), Linus (Pickpocket) & Yen(Acrobat).

The Heist

ContextThe following contextual factors contributed to the potential team effectiveness:Adequate ResourcesLeadership and StructureClimate of TrustComposition Of Team & Allocation Of RolesCommon Purpose Proper MotivationSpecific GoalTeam Efficiency

Adequate Resources

Leadership & Structure

Climate Of Trust

Composition Of Team &Allocation Of Roles

Common Purpose

Proper Motivation

Specific Goals

Team Efficiency

ConclusionOur question stated in the introduction is clearly answered in the analysis. What were the underlying factors led to Ocean's Eleven team's accomplishment of the robbery? Several organization behaviour concepts can be used to explain. We chose the Team Effectiveness Model to apply for their successes. Clear structure, complementary skills and strong commitments to common purposes are some of the important elements. Also, motivation is another reason for them to work hard towards the impossible mission. The successful factors in Ocean's Eleven work best for teams whose members understood each other very well.

Learning:A good plan is all you need Great communication skills mean everythingObjectives have to be well definedYou need an effective team

Application In Organisations:Think outside the boxPassion countsContext DifferentiatesSeek out Visionaries:Anticipate opportunityImagine the unimaginableEliminate egosConflict resolutionTransparency4. Problems will happen Solve them!