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2. Danny Ocean ( George Clooney)Dusty Ryan (Brad Pitt)Virgil and Turk Malloy (Affleckand Caan)Bashir Tarr (Cheadle)Linus Caldwell ( MattDamon)Saul Bloom (Reiner)Frank (Mac)Yen (Qin)Ruben Tischkoff ( Elliot Gould) 3. Danny: Well need Saul.Rusty: He wont do it. He got outof the game a year ago.Danny: Get religion?Rusty: Ulcers.Danny: ... You could ask him.Rusty: Hey, I could ask him. 4. Tess: Do you rememberwhat I said when wemet?Danny: You said Idbetter know what Imdoing.Tess: And do you?Because you shouldwalk out that door ifyou dont.Danny: I know what Imdoing. 5. Turk Malloy: Watchit, bud.Virgil Malloy: Who youcalling bud, pal?Turk Malloy: Who youcalling pal, friend?Virgil Malloy: Who youcalling friend, jackass?Turk Malloy: Dont call mea jackass.Virgil Malloy: I just did callyou a jackass 6. Rusty: Whats with the orange?Saul: My doctor says I needvitamins.Rusty: So why dont you takevitamins?Saul: You come here to give me aphysical? 7. Danny: Youre either in oryoure out. Right now.Linus: What is it?Danny: Its a plane ticket. Ajob offer.Linus: Youre pretty trustingpretty fast.Danny: Well Bobby has a lotof faith in you.Linus: Fathers are like that. 8. Basher: That poxy democrew havent used acoaxial feed to battenthe main line, havethey? Instead theyvegone and nosed up thebackup grid, nosed itright up!Reuben: Do youunderstand any of this?Livingston: Ill explainlater. 9. When the plan is put in motion, Ocean goes to the Bellagio inorder to be seen by Benedict, who, as expected, has himlocked in a storeroom to be beaten by a bouncer calledBruiser.He allows Ocean to leave through a ventilation shaft, to meetwith his team in the vault.Yen is smuggled into the vault by the Malloy brothers to assistin triggering the explosive from the inside.The team activates a stolen device to temporarily disrupt thecasinos electrical power, allowing them to breach the vaultundetected. 10. Ryan tells him that the vaults are beingraided, and that all the money will be destroyedif Benedict does not cooperate in loading halfthe money into a van waiting outside.Benedict observes video footage of the vaultthat confirms Ryans claims, and complies inmoving the money, but orders his men to followthe van after it departs, and calls a S.W.A.T. teamto secure the vault and the other half of themoney.After assuring Benedict that the casino issecure, the officers depart at Benedictsinsistence. 11. Benedicts men following the van discover that itis being driven by remote control, andthat, instead of money, it contains duffel bagsfull of flyers advertising prostitutes.Benedict realizes that the vault video feed hedbeen watching was faked, as the vault floor inthe footage lacked the Bellagio logo, which hadonly recently been installed.Benedict then returns to the room where he leftOcean and finds him still there, apparently stillbeing worked over by Bruiser, leaving him withno way to connect Ocean to the theft. 12. As Tess watches via security surveillance, Oceantricks Benedict into saying he would give upTess in exchange for the money.Lastly ocean is released after 3 to 6 monthslater from prison for violating his parole. Hemeets Tess and Rusty also after that. 13. Oceans Eleven had a budget of about$85 million. On its opening weekend, itgrossed an estimate of $38 million andwas the top box office draw for theweekend.The film grossed$183,417,150 in the United States andgrossed $267,311,379 overseas leavinga worldwide gross of $450,728,529. 14. SathyaNarayana.V