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  • Introduction into photographyUNIT 10

  • As soon as you enter the studio make sure you turn off brain lights as it will effect your shootEach light has a dial which is 1 to 6, these are the different settings of light1 is the soft light, (the least amount of light) 6 is the highest light (highest amount of light)(dumping the flash)Start with setting your light to 3 if you are a beginnerMake sure you drop a sandbag if you increase the height of the light (sandboxes)Have your model five to six feet away from you so you have focusThe cameras that we use in college is NikonWe also can use reflectors, lightening umbrellas to enhance more light to reflect and bounce light

  • Key Light/Main LightThe key/main light gives out light so the focus is directly on the main focus which is your model/modelsThe main or key light is the primary and, usually, the strongest light. It is responsible for providing shape and form.

  • Fill LightThe fill light fills in contrastThe fill light provides light to "fill in" shadow areas created by other lights. In general, fill lights should provide an even, non-directional light that adds little character or shadows of its own. The fill light is nearly always weaker than the main light.

  • Hairline LightHairline light doesnt blend & does make the shot look flatThe hairline light drops levels of the lightA hair light is generally placed behind the model and about 3 feet above the head, with the light angled down and slightly forward to strike the top of the head and shoulders. It is common to see the light placed off to one side, but it can also be placed directly behind your model. Each placement will give a slightly different look to the photo.