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<ul><li> 1. Eric BeckmanAnoka HS, MN</li></ul> <p> 2. WesternizersRussia is between Eastand West, and should aim Slavophiles to be more WesternRussia is unique and should embrace its distinctive culture 3. Free politicsLiberal Capitalism Constitutional Democrats Industrial developmentRevolutionary Marxism: Social DemocratsSocialism Rejected Liberalism and the Old Regime Literature &amp; LanguagesWestern Culture Musical forms Russian Culture Orthodoxyas backwards Peasantry 4. Folk tales, songs, and wisdom Peasantry Religious faith Natural socialists True Christianity Orthodoxy Savior to Europe Order Monarchy Paternalism TraditionRevolutionary Go to the peopleSocialism Socialist Revolutionaries 5. Pictures by Viktor Hartmann Piano music by Modest Mussorgsky Orchestrated by others, most famously by Maurice RavelMussorgsky 6. Nationalism Peasantry ProletariatIntelligentsia 7. Populists Peoples Will Socialist RevolutionariesNihilistsAnarchists Marxist Socialists Social DemocratsMenshivikiBolsheviki</p>


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