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Issue 2, April 2013 of New Edition, Authoright's monthly magazine for authors




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    1013 Theauthorlounge



    WeLcoMeEvery good story starts with a good idea...

    That good idea will belong to an author. When were all caught up in the maelstrom of publishing it can be easy to forget that we work in an industry entirely sustained by the lifeblood of talent. When we meet at the crossroads between business and creativity, we need to remember that the author should always be at the centre of things. Thats what The LBF AuthorLounge curated by Authoright is all about. Putting the author first. For too long the author has been overlooked, especially when it comes to international book fairs. As a writer myself, looking to publish my first novel back in 2005, I attended various literary events but found it almost impossible to get any answers to my questions, which were many and various. I thought, perhaps naively, that people in the publishing business would be willing to talk to me about my book and to explain the publishing process in greater detail, to one who was, at that time, still on the outside of things. But this just wasnt the case. I know that most authors will have the same questions today that I had in 2005, albeit with the addition of apps, eBooks and social media in the mix; in this Brave New World of contemporary publishing everyone is struggling to find their feet, even if theyve been in the business for the best part of a century. We want to help writers to navigate this challenging new terrain so that publishing today is as exciting and rewarding as its ever been, with the potential to be bigger and better than ever before. We were delighted when

    The London Book Fair invited us at the end of last year to curate a new, author-centric zone for LBF2013, one that would put the author at the very heart of the fair. It was a privilege to be asked and we were immediately excited by the scope of what this author space could and should be: part author-HQ, part literary learning centre, part workshop, part networking hub. Weve enlisted the support of our friends from Matador, Kobo and Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as a roster of industry experts, wholl be on hand to answer those aforementioned many and various questions. We knew that the reason most authors attend the LBF is in the hope of meeting a literary agent. To date, this has been impossible. We passionately believe in opening up the industry to authors, and, with the support of our partner, LitFactor, were staging the first ever author / agent pitching event, which will run across all three days of The London Book Fair, enabling authors to connect with literary agents and discuss their writing and their submissions. The support weve enjoyed from our professional colleagues at what is their busiest and most stressful time of the year has been fantastic. Authors put their heart and soul into their writing; weve tried to do the same with the AuthorLounge. For those of you who are able to join us at The London Book Fair, we really hope you enjoy The LBF AuthorLounge 2013 curated by Authoright.

    Gareth Howard, CEO, Authoright


    The year of the

    authorDigital Publishing Comes of Age

    Recent studies from Pew Research Center found that the number of Americans aged sixteen and upwards who had recently read eBooks grew from 16% in 2011 to 23% in 2012. Over the same period, the number of those who were reading printed books fell from 72% to 67%. And where the US leads, the rest of the world will inevitably follow.This is great news for authors with an entrepreneurial streak. Unlike trade book publishing and distribution, eBooks can be relatively easily and inexpensively self published to cater to the demands of a growing global market.This greatly increases the potential readership for a title that might have struggled to sell enough copies at national level. As a result many more niche markets, as well as literary and mid-list writers, can now flourish. Most indie authors find that much of their income now results from eBook sales: in some cases, the proportion can be as high as 95%.

    Infrastructure Expands

    Amazon the market leader in online book retail - has now opened stores in India, Brazil, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Italy, with many more to come. With the addition of new, alternative, creative publishing platforms like Kobo Writing Life, it will only be a matter of time before Apple and Google start to really engage with self publishing themselves. Promotional vehicles likePixel of Ink and BookBub are developing new ways in which to unite authors and readers. As online infrastructure becomes more diverse and established, writers will increasingly be able to enjoy direct access to their readership.Sales and distribution channels are no longer linear and limited. These exciting opportunities now offer authors all over the world worldwide multiple methods of sourcing and connecting with readers.

    Education and Professionalism Improve

    More trade published writers are learning about the commercial and creative advantages of going indie and in turn more self publishers are learning to do what they do even better than before. Indies have grown to understand that self publishing doesnt have to mean doing absolutely everything yourself and that there are reliable professionals on hand to help them deliver high quality books. That is exactly whyALLi now has a Partner Membership to bring talented writers and skilled service providers together).As we share our knowledge and encourage each other towards excellence, the reputation of author-published work can only improve and increase. Professional editors, books designers and marketing companies many of whom used to be reluctant to work with indies are now recognising serious self publishing, taking on indie authors as clients.

    Advances in Technology

    You press publish today in Canada, you can be read in Japan tomorrow. Readers can buy a book they discover online almost instantaneously, literally at the touch of a button. Technology has enabled authors to take advantage of what salespeople term the desire-to-act moment. Self publishing platforms are growing ever more author-friendly and author-focused and if the authors dont want to manage too many accounts themselves, then there are aggregator/distributors around like BookBaby and Smashwords offering access to multiple retailers at relatively low cost to authors.It has never been easier for a writer to directly reach readers.







    Reading and rising:

    Orna Ross, Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors, reveals eight reasons why 2013 will be The Year of the Author.

    Libraries and Literary Organisations Open Up

    ALLi is taking its campaign Open Up To Indie Authors to bookstore owners, literary prize-givers, festivals and events to encourage them to engage with self-published writers and were seeing positive signs that literary organisations are at last beginning to do just that. With ALLis help, The Reading Agency is set to organise a special promotion to accept and incorporate our members self-published books into the library system.As the industry wakes up to the reality of self-publishing in the 21st century, they understand they must find ways to accommodate indie authors.

    Orna Ross is a novelist and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors. Shell be appearing at The LBF AuthorLounge curated by Authoright with Polly Courtney at 11am Wednesday 17th April in a session entitled The Author as Entrepreneur. This will be followed by a workshop from 12 until 2pm: Indie Author Clinic & Showcase, whereALLi authors will advise and share the benefit of their experience with aspiring self publishing authors.

    The Alliance of Independent Authors will launch its first writers guide, Choosing A Self Publishing Service 2013: The Alliance of Independent Authors Guide, at a drinks reception at The LBF AuthorLounge curated by Authoright

    5Bookselling Is Changing

    As self published titles gain readers and accolades, bookstore owners are nowrealising that by refusing to carry indie author books they are risking losing sales. Some forward-thinking booksellers are now offering self publishers the chance to buy shelf space at a reasonable price, under similar terms to those already offered to traditional publishers.Booksellers are moving towards stocking self published books and actively seeking ways to partner with indie authors.

    6Reviews and Features Expand

    In 2012, The New York Times reviewed a self published book for the very first time. This watershed moment proved to be a tangible marker for those in the industry who had yet to be convinced that great indie books were a genuine threat to the mainstream. They are now simply impossible to ignore.Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post and The Guardian all report regularly on self publishing and indie authors and other media outlets have started to follow suit.

    7Indies Strike Better Terms With Trade Publishers

    John Locke and Simon and Schuster, Belle Andre and Harlequin these are just two of the high-profile, seven-figure print-only deals signed between indie authors and trade publishers in recent times. Productive deals are also happening more regularly on a smaller scale, with boutique distributors actively seeking out self published authors.Expect to see many more such stellar deals as indie authors


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