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Our November issue focuses on timeless icons and contemporary emerging talent.





    Timeless: IconicNovember 2012

    6-8 Editors Letter & Masthead

    10 Style Listings

    12 Rare Fashion Bird

    14 Fashion Listings

    16 Mentoring Fashion Maven

    18 Art Listings

    20 Gallery Girl

    22 Dance Listings

    24 Reinvented Nutcracker

    26 Music Listings

    28 Bumbry Effect

    30 In Your Face

    32 Lifelong Textile Affair

    34 Orange Times

    48 Marie Antoinette

    54 Autumn Winds

    60 Feathers

    70 Knit Knights


    EDITORS LETTERTimeless: without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting

    Iconic: relating to, resembling or having the characteristic of an icon

    Weve approached the time of year to give thanks for what we have, and to begin reflecting on the past year, while looking toward the future of the next. With that, we thought it would be a unique idea to capture the essence of both industry icons as well as emerging talents.

    Our listings showcase brief snapshots of designers, artists, and performers we love, while introducing you to new industry names. The current interviews are geared around influential leaders of their particular industry, but who also influence other business around them. Our written section is closed out with a look into the re-imagination of The Nutcracker, as well as two unique exhibits displaying the iconic works of famed fashion photographer Mario Testino and textile designer Zandra Rhodes.

    This months gorgeous photography takes a ride through time, opening with a contemporary & boldly dressed model, going back to a modern look at Marie Antoinette. Our issue closes with a feathered headdress followed by a captivating knitwear shoot leaving much to the imagination.

    Stay tuned for our annual holiday issue!

    Joseph GualtiereEditor-In-Chief | Publisher

  • Photography: Hatnim Lee & Gina Rose Epifano


    Photography: Robert G. BartholotStyling: Vintage

    Model: Daria Marchik

    Joseph Gualtiere Editor-In-Chief

    Nora Kobrenik Lindsay WynnCreative Directors

    Chris EvangelistaPublic Relations Director

    Kimberly Behling Marketing Assistant

    Miranda DorianFashion Editor

    Stephanie MontesAccessories Editor

    Christie ConnolleyMusic Editor

    Jane TaylorTheater Editor

    Bayla GottesmanDance Editor

    Michael TornatoStreet Style Editor

    Contributing Photographers:Jennifer Avello, Robert G. Bartholot, Julia Blank,

    Fernando Gomez, Emma Lauren

    Photographer: Fernando GmezMakeup, Hair & Styling: Quino Amador Photography Assistant: Rosa MatillaModel: Raquel Arias

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  • Heidi Gardner Illesteva


    Gardener grew up a classically trained ballerina, and eventually evolved into a prolific painter. Heavily guarded as a child through her boarding school years, Heidis artistic proclivities were repressed and suffocated. Her imaginary world became a remarkably dark and wondrous realm from which she develops her intricate and haunting designs. She describes her jewelry as a purgatory in which creatures, forms, and art become one.Her canvas work embraces the essence of life and death through the inherent beauty of naked skeletal structures and disassembled, sometimes deformed creatures.

    Illesteva was founded in 2009 by Justin Salguero, Daniel Silberman and Alina Silberman. The glasses are handmade in France, Italy and Germany in concert with the worlds leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear. Illesteva pushes normal boundaries of design by exploring fresh shapes and materials like acetate, bamboo, wood, titanium and natural buffalo horn with each new frame design.

  • Ivy Kirzhner


    Pamela Love

    Ivy Kirzhner came from a family of fashion designers and artists, growing up in New York City she knew from early on that she wanted to do something a little different but still in fashion. Shes a graduate of NYCs famed Fashion Institute of Technology where she majored in Accessories mainly shoes and handbags. She has worked with the likes of Dolce Vita footwear before joining The Camuto Group and starting her own footwear company Ivy Kirzhner.

    Pamela Love was born in New York in 1982 and raised in South Florida. After she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and television production from New York Universitys famed Tisch School of the Arts, Pamela explored positions in the fashion and arts industries before designing jewelry as a full-time profession, she started her own jewelry company in 2006.

    Photography: Mr. Brawlio Elias

  • The Rare Fashion BirdProfiling Style Icon Iris Apfel

    By: Stephanie Montes

    Iris Apfel is a rare fashion bird who emanates style, fashion, and creativity. To our delight, Apfel offers up a unique take on style, Curiosity after all, leads to confidence which is ones best accessory. When someone wears her/his confidence, it is such an empowering feeling. Iris Apfel obviously understands this concept rather well. Her unique and outlandish style such as a Mongolian Lamb fur sling bag over her multi-colored patterned trench coat appears lively while holding attention. Of course we cannot forget her influence on the fashion & style world. From her Chained Link two row bracelet to her Clear Crystal Snake 18 necklace, her designs are best known for originality.

    She began in the fashion industry more than 60 years ago with her husband in textile design company named Old World Weavers where she began to understand the importance of fabrics and design. She had an impressive clientele including nine presidents. She later rejoined the fashion realm with an exhibit at the Costume Institute in 2005, also launching a MAC cosmetic line. She joined HSN for a costume jewelry collection and created a line for her own unique handbags. Her most signature style are a pair of giant O shaped black glasses which bring a sense of sophistication yet playfulness and a strong presence of self to the room.


  • Apfel confessed to a lack of social media tendencies. She doesnt have a Twitter or Facebook making us wonder who exactly is on her social media. She swears, on everything holy I dont research myself on the internet. Apfel doesnt have an idea to what is said about her. Well, whatever is said about her, you cannot deny the originality and creativity that comes from this woman. How could you deny her the title of fashion icon? A woman who wakes up at the break of dawn-four in the morning to be exact-to shop the flea markets and claim it to be fun! Its an eccentric but difficult job of being a fashionista but someone has to do it. The fashion world leaves it up to Iris Apfel to scour the unknown for the most fashionable finds.

    I love her motto, Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself. It allows one to explore who they are and what one would like to show to the world. What does Iris show us exactly? Well, to not be afraid of dressing as loudly and unique as possible. I agree completely. Take her handbag line Extinctions which has an array of fabrics and designs including leather, Mongolian Lamb fur, snakeskin, hair calf, and her trademark turquoise lining in the handbag. Her handbags are great with plenty of room for the busy modern day customer, especially in the 21st century where we tend to carry an Ipad, cell phone, the latest edi t ion of Vogue , and other essentials. You can find her handbag line at Henri Bendel and Bloomingdales where they retail for around $370 to $640. The cost and quality comes hand in hand considering the excellence of the handbags and the uniqueness of each one. You cant go wrong with that as the consumer! You get a great handbag thats not only fashionable but comes at a reasonable price.

    She has a distinctive concept to her logo on her handbags-a dodo bird. Where did this concept come from? At a dinner party a friend reminded her of Apfels popular title Rare fashion bird, so they figured why not use the extinct bird the dodo? Apfel loved the idea and now uses the bird as her another trademark signature to her line.

    Original and exclusive, you got it! That is exactly what Apfel is known for and is able to express in her handbag line. Her handbags are excellent for everyday uses: dinners, casual outings, going to the grocery store, movies, or a date night. As she would like to put it, her bright tangerine hued purse in Mongolian lamb fur-gorgeous, long, and shaggy-goes great with a pair of jeans. Yes, Iris Apfel has recommend jeans! Everyone should at have least two pairs. Anyone can honestly say jeans are a significant wardrobe piece. However, Apfel has a different perspective on the high heel, an item that most women have, she is not fond of.

    When asked about flats over heels she states, Oh, I always like flats. I dont like heels with skirts or even some pants. Heels can feel kind ofhookerish. Im sure there are some who would disagree and there are some readers who are rejoicing in a hallelujah chorus but, flats are a great way to showcase Iriss need for coziness and being stylish all at the same time. Which most of

    us can agree upon 100 percent!

    Her amazing jewelry line for HSN, Rara Avis , showcases from very distinct pieces to simple classic pieces, every piece unique in its own design. All at affordable prices, standing out each in vibrant colors and mix matching capabilities. Her designs range from owl pendent necklaces to her famous (and preferred color) turquoise colored carved bangles. She adds a little oomph by mixing and matching all of her jewelry together but

    rest assured that y