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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural Beauty Tips

We are conditioned to believe that there arent any simple and cheap naturalbeautytricks and tips. Or, how else is the beauty industry worth $300 billion? In addition, the average woman has to fork out $15,000 during her lifetime on makeup alone! She will also spend at least one year of her God given time on earth to apply that makeup. As if that is nothing, the contemporary beauty products are laden with toxic elements, with nearly zero chills. The world wants us to believe that for us to achieve truly

To start with, the idea of truebeautyis to unmask the real person, as opposed covering them. There are plenty simple ways to reward your body, look and feel more gorgeous, and without having to pay expensively with your money and health. Here are some easy, luxurious, out-and-out natural beauty tips.

Egg and banana hair treatment

Its summer, right? Would you fancy an added sparkle in your hair? Just mix one mashed up banana and an egg. Apply it to your hair as a dense paste and let it stay for between ten and thirty minutes. Wash it out just as you do your normal hair washing. And there you have it! Super easy, all-natural beauty

Easy honey face mask

Naturally, raw honey is anti-bacterial, which makes it a super simple and quick way to getting smooth, beautiful skin. Take about a tablespoon of raw honey (and mind you not those processed paraphernalia masquerading as honey) and slightly warm it as you rub it between your fingertips. Spread it on your face and let it stay for up to ten minutes. Gently wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

Do this once a week and before you know it, you will be basking in the radiance of honey-induced awesomeness. You will agree that nothing is sweeter than honey.

Simple, inexpensive body scrub

In a ratio of 1 to 2, mix sea salt and olive oil for a quick and surprisingly effective body scrub. It will help you remove dead skin cells, making way for a soft and radiant skin. This is a natural body scrub thats by far cheaper than all the store-bought body scrubs.

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