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Permanent make up is a cosmetic procedure which utilizes tattoos as a means of creating designs that look like make up, such a lining eyes(eye liner), and other permanent beautifying colors to the skin of the face, eyelids and lips. It is also used to create artificial eyebrows, specifically in people who have lost them due to various infirmity reasons such as chemotherapy, alopecia, or hereditary disorder. Permanent make up also aids in camouflaging spots, scars in the skin. \nNo wonder, permanent tattoo is burgeoning in popularity. Who doesn’t wants a skin that always looks photo ready? It is extremely convenient not to have to apply cosmetics everyday and also to be sure that you never have a bad day. Before you set out to give yourself a break from regular make up, you should know what exactly is the process and how it is done?\n - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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