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  • Longing for stronger & longer eyelashes? Longing for thicker & styled eyebrows? Check these beauty tips ;)

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    Subiect : Giveaway winner & DIY Eyelash Growth Serum

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    Data: Duminic, 30 Martie 2014 23:20:51

  • Join me on:

    And the winner is.... Hello my beautiful friend Alina,

    I am happy to inaugurate the 1st Beauty Food Tips newsletter announcing the

    winner of the Giveaway I've launched on the 8th of March.

    First of all, THANK YOU to ALL of you who entered the giveaway & took timeout of your day to show me your support. The feedbacks & messages you send

    me are the confirmation that all of the efforts & passion I put in my video-tutorials

    and in my blog posts are appreciated & useful to someone out there.

    But let's get to the part you surely look forward to.... :)

    ...and the happy winner is .... Stephanie Ramos!

    I can't thank you all enough for enjoying my blog posts & the tutorials I make! Just

    don't be sad if you did not win this time. New giveaways are coming soon.. just

    stay tuned as you always do ;)

  • As promised, you're gonna be the first ones with whom I'm gonna share the formula I

    use in order to help my eyelashes & eyebrows grow stronger & longer using only

    natural ingredients.

    It's not as greasy as the classic homemade remedy which only incorporates castor oil,

    the most used & known oil for hair growth. You can use this serum on both your

    eyelashes and eye brows as the pH of this product is 6. All you're gonna need arethese 5 ingredients which will work in sinergy, although you can easily exclude the

    optional ones.

  • Requested ingredients:5g Castor oil - strengthens the eyelashes promoting the growth & discouragingbreakage 3g Aloe vera gel - conditions, lengthens & softens the lashes, promoting hair growthstoo1g Vitamin E (optional) - powerful antioxidant, nourishes & conditions the eyelashes0,5g Panthenol (Provitamin B5) (optional) - acts as a moisturizer & emollient,promotes hair growth0,5g Rice / Silk or Wheat hydrolyzed proteins (optional) - adds moisture & elasticityto eyelashes, making them stronger & healthier

    Requested tools:new or recycled mascara containernew syringe

    First, wash your working tools & containers with hot water & soap, andthen sterilize them using pure alcohol. Then proceed & weight the ingredients and mixthem well for some good minutes as we have to mix together liposoluble ingredients(castor oil & vitamin E) with water-soluble ingredients. Mix until you obtain a white liquidserum, as you can see in the above pictures.

  • As we are not making an emulsion (there is no emulsifier in our formula) the oil might

    separate in time from the water soluble ingredients, but it will be enough to just mix

    them using the wand of your mascara.

    I wanted to avoid to add a preservative as this product may go into our eyes while

    sleeping & the aloe gel already has its own preservative, therefore there should not be

    no proliferation of bacteria. Remember that you should always check if the

    consistency, the color or the odor of the cosmetic products you are about to

    use, changed.

    You'll need to use a syringe to pour the mix in your mascara container...and we're

    done! We have our homemade lash growth serum.

    I usually apply it at night, after I took my make-up off. I gently brush it onto my

    eyelashes from root to tip and onto my eyebrow lashes as well.

    Initially I was only using castor oil but it was always a disaster as I'd wake up with my

    bangs & hair all greasy. With this serum this does not happen ;) Be consistent and

    you'll notice how your eyelashes & eyebrow lashes will become stronger & longer.

    Now with this effective serum and with the styling gel, you have no excuse to not have

    healthy long eyelashes & perfect eyebrows ;)

    I'd love to know if you're using other awesome homemade remedies to take care of our

    eyelashes and eyebrows. If you do, pls hit REPLY & SHARE with me your tip ;)

  • Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends via email or via social networks.Sharing is caring, your friends will surely appreciate your thought ;) !

    Until soon, my beautifoodie friend Alina,

    with much love,Rozalia

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