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<ol><li> 1. NAMA About our organisation </li><li> 2. Regional organization since 1997 First national meeting 2001 Head office and full time secretary 2004 7 Regional offices and 4 secretaries Third National Indaba 2015 Celebrating 13 years </li><li> 3. Agents collecting levies and manage by mutual agreement the administration of Sectional Title Schemes, Share Block companies and HOAs. Ensure compliance with Sectional Titles Act, Schemes Management Act, CSOS Act and MOIs. Who are Managing Agents? </li><li> 4. To promote and advance the interests of property management relating to rendering of professional services by managing agents towards: o Sectional Title o Share Block o Time Share o Retirement Developments o Home Owners Associations Objectives </li><li> 5. To advance the common interests of persons involved in the sectional and property management industry. Manage relationships between various regional and national associations. To admit managing agents as members who in the opinion of the directors are competent and knowledgeable. Business Goals </li><li> 6. Ensure that managing agents admitted adhere to certain criteria: o In possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC). o Accepts the NAMA Code of Conduct (Full Members) and Code of Ethics (Affiliate Members). Business Goals (continued) </li><li> 7. o To promote efficient service delivery according to a proper contract of agreement between the managing agents and the client. o To protect the interest of the client who is not only the body corporate or HOA, but also the interest of the managing agent (NAMA member). Business Goals (continued) </li><li> 8. To provide a forum for exchange of views. To manage good relations between members. To publish and promote papers, books, circulars and other literature in dealing with the industry. To provide a meaningful platform for all service related industry, role players and service providers (affiliate members) to market their products and services. Business Goals (continued) </li><li> 9. Full Members (Managing Agents) o Category 1 1 50 B/Cs o Category 2 51 100 B/Cs o Category 3 100+ B/Cs Affiliate Members (Service providers) Memberships </li><li> 10. Statistics Total NAMA Members :486 B/C's : 12529 Units : 478393 HOA's : 1451 Units : 104129 Estimated Annual Levy Income B/C Units R 571 671 600.00 HOA Units R 124 954 800.00 39% 61% Affiliate Members Full Members </li><li> 11. Statistics (continued) 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 160000 EC GN GE FS EC KZN GN WC GE GW FS B/C Units 14537 70245 138317 80784 42399 119786 10325 B/C Serviced 506 2446 2788 2033 925 2435 396 NAMA Members B/C's and Units Managed per Region 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 EC GN GE FS EC KZN GN WC GE GW FS HOA Units 2559 8274 47276 19897 5772 19772 579 HOA Serviced 96 80 466 254 146 397 12 NAMA Members HOA's and Units managed per Region </li><li> 12. NAMA Personnel </li><li> 13. Stakeholders representation and relationship </li><li> 14. How to become a member of NAMA Apply for NAMA membership on-line at </li><li> 15. Golf Days </li><li> 16. Golf Days </li><li> 17. Stakeholders </li><li> 18. Events </li><li> 19. Events </li><li> 20. Events </li><li> 21. Media Directors Meetings </li><li> 22. International Relations </li><li> 23. International Relations </li><li> 24. Valued NAMA Sponsors </li><li> 25. Contact Us Chief Operating Officer - Coenie Groenewald Tel. 012 543 0693 Cell. 072 497 4155 E-mail. Post: PO Box 35253, Annlin, 0066 Street: 191 Vinko Street, Sinoville, Pretoria, Gauteng </li></ol>