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shotShot/ camera Angles: Long Wide ShotAnalysis

Introduction to the music video begins involving elements of Chinese culture and language. Rihanna stands in the centre of the shot, completely blacked out. Creates a sense of mystery. The millions of hands behind her represent a traditional Chinese dance. The song title is presented in English and also Chinese, creating two ethnic target audiences. The red background against the black figures contrast extremely bold and attention catching. The shot looks almost like the beginning of a movie.

Music/ Lyrics: Music begins to play, only instrumental. Until Rihanna begins to sing in the next shot. Editing/ Transitions: Quickly cuts to the next shot, reflects the boldness of the shot itself.

shotShot/ camera Angles: Long ShotAnalysis

Shot shows the whole of the setting. The empty, silent calm setting relates to what the artists are feeling while singing the song. Rihannas dressed in white, connotes a heavenly feel. However Chris Martin wears a dark outfit, connoting the opposite being, fierce angry and dark spirited. The fact they are face to face shows the audience the intimacy of the song itself.

Music/ Lyrics: Once upon a time on the same side, in the same game and why'd you have to go, have to go and throw water on my flameEditing/ Transitions:Zooms into their bodies slowly, shows each side of their face.

shotShot/ camera Angles: Close Up ShotAnalysis

The Chinese culture is introduced into this scene once again, through the way Rihanna is presented. Wearing long nails her hairstyle and make up. The lantons in the background are red to attract the audiences attention. The close up shot of her face suggests this is all the audience are supposed to see.

Music/ Lyrics: I could've been a princess, you'd be a kingCould've had a castle, and worn a ringBut no, you let me goEditing/ Transitions:Camera moves downwards, until her face is no longer visible.