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  1. 1. Place the photo you want to edit into Photoshop.
  2. 2. Select the Channel Mixer option, and increase the amount of blue in the image- slightly increase the red until; you get the colour balanced to the way you want it.
  3. 3. Select the Selective Colour option, and increase the amount of black in the image. This creates an old, worn out- vintage sort of effect to the image.
  4. 4. Select the inversion option, and then go to the colour range and click Skin Tones. This will remove any ounce of skin tone visible, making it almost invisible, and easier to edit over.
  5. 5. Still on the Invert option, click the colour select button to the right, and on the image in the open tab, click on it to focus the colour in the area you want for the background. I chose the red to be near the top of the image. Reduce the fuzziness slightly to maintain the old vintage, look.
  6. 6. Open up a new presentation the size of a DPS, and open up the second picture you want to edit. Take exactly the same steps you took with the other image.
  7. 7. Go to the first tab of the original picture, and select the Gradient Map option. The colour of the gradient will depend on the negative colours of the inversion I had applied before, however you can change the colour of the gradient in the drop arrow button beside the colour in the small tab thats open.
  8. 8. Open the tab with two of the photos on, the original photo should have changed to the gradient image you edited before.
  9. 9. Do the same steps for the second image.
  10. 10. Put the text over the image selection the T button. Lower the opacity to (I lowered it to 39% but you can do it to any amount that suits you) make it more transparent.
  11. 11. Go to the Colour Picker and select the colour you want the text to be.
  12. 12. Select another font (Ming Imperial) and flip the text to make it vertical, selecting the flip text button beside the font selection box. Lower the opacity slightly.