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Q1.What type of colour scheme do you prefer on a hip-hop music magazine? The colour scheme for my magazine is likely to include red, white, black and maybe gold based on the results of this question. Colours like grey and green wasnt favourable with the responses gaining no responses.

Q2.What type of image do you prefer to see on a magazine front cover?

Based on the amount of responses on this question, it is clear that a close-up and mid-shot are the most popular as extreme close up and full-body shot didnt get any votes. However, close up got 35% more of the vote so for my feature article photograph I will use a close-up shot of the person.

Q3.How many images should I include in my contents page?

The results from this question is clear and easy to influence my decision on including around 3-4 images on my contents page as this answer gathered 100% of all responses.

Q4.What camera angle should the feature article photograph be in for a rap/hip-hop music magazine?

The results of this question are indecisive, so I will try all three camera angles and see which one suits the conventions the best. Personally, I believe that a low angle shot will have the most effect.

Q5.What kind of mode of address do you prefer?

Again, the results are inconclusive. However, for a hip-hop magazine I believe that the mode of address should be informal and therefore I will use an informal mode of address instead.

Q6.Do you think puffs are necessary to further promote the magazine?

The results to this question produced a landside of votes for yes so I will include puffs to further promote the magazine

Q7.How would you prefer the text on the front cover to be positioned?

The response for this question was a resounding yes for aligned text therefore that is what I will use for the text on the front cover.

Q8.What attracts you to a music magazine?

The responses suggest that the front cover and the contents page are most important into attracting people into a magazine. I will keep this in mind when creating bother the cover and contents.

Q9.What name do you rank highest for a hip-hop magazine?

Based on this result, I will either go with the name shutdown, underground or hustle.

Q10.Should I keep the brand identity consistent throughout or make it unique for the contents and double page spread?

Based on the results of this question, I will keep the identity consistent in al my pages I designed