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2. From the days of Plato andAristotle, the theater has playeda large role in the developmentof society in all parts of theworld. What would be considered thenthe most popular plays in thehistory of literature? Ifjust looking at Westernculture, there are a few thatstand out of the most influentialof the last 1000 years.Fantasy Make Up 3. A discussion of popular plays isnt valid without firsttaking a look at the plays of William Shakespeare. He is considered the most prolific playwrights inthe history of the world.Fantasy Make Up 4. Most would consider Hamlet to be the mostwidely known of Shakespeares play, althoughMuch Ado About Nothing and Romeo andJuliet also have a strong place in modernculture.Fantasy Make Up 5. In American culture there are a few plays that have had a huge impact on our history and culture. Arthur Millers famous work, The Crucible, outlined the details of the Salem Witch Trials from the 1600s.Fantasy Make Up 6. Arthur Miller wrote the play during the 1950s when Americans were at an apex of suspicion over communism. The play was written as a commentary on politics and society. It instantly became a cultural icon and has been performed hundreds of times in theaters all over the world.Fantasy Make Up 7. a list of popular plays would notbe complete without a mention of the worksof Henrik Ibsen. He is called "The Father ofRealism". His play, Hedda Gabler, talks about theconstrictions of modern conventions and theperils of human domesticity. They are studiedat great length in colleges and universitiesworldwide.Fantasy Make Up 8. He is probably best known for the play "ADolls House," a story about a fiercehousewife working through mentalillness and depression.Fantasy Make Up 9. Get theater make up to make this plays check out the website below and see what you can find to get on going on producing your own play, also see other types of make up that can help you on any occasion too. Get your fantasy make up as well as any other type of make up. Get the best stage make up right here at: Make Up