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Here's a collection of the coolest Couples Halloween costumes. Visit and choose your best costume


Most Popular Couples Costumes for Halloween

Have you come up with any fun ideas yet for Halloween? Are you going solo this year or heading out as a couple? Over the years, we have seen many different types of Halloween ideas and styles. Here are the most popular couples costumes that we have seen over the years.Police Officer & Prisoner Be a protector and serve the Halloween party dressing up as a police officer and prisoner pair. In addition to the costumes, carrying along the necessary accessories from handcuffs to a ball and chain adds to the look as well.The only decision you have to make is who wants to be the good guy and who wants to be the bad guy?

Dead Zombie Bride & GroomWhen a couple wants to go as something scary, one of the most popular choices is dressing up as a dead Zombie bride and groom. This costume is very popular for couples who are throwing a Halloween Party or Halloween themed engagement or jack-and-jill party.

Batman & RobinWant to be a superhero this Halloween? Dress as the dark knight Batman with muscle chest jumpsuit and attached boot tops. When the man dresses up as the dark knight superhero, what else can be a better option for his partner than a sexy Robin costume? With batman and sexy robin costumes available in different sizes, make yourselves the star of the Halloween night this year.

Roman God and GoddessesAre you ready to get worshipped this Halloween? Step back in time to ancient Rome for this Halloween. Couples can go as a Roman God and Goddess to give a divine look to the Halloween party this year.If you are the Goddess, look pretty this Halloween as the Roman Venus Goddess.

Fred & Wilma FlintstoneHead out to the Halloween party right from the Bedrock as Fred Flintstone and his wife Wilma Flintstone. Be the pre-historic couple this Halloween by dressing in Fred Flintstones orange outfit and Wilma Flintstones signature tattered dress, complete with famous orange wig and boulder necklace.

Even though this entertaining couple was back in the stone age (pun intended), this is still a very popular costume. And Barney and Betty Rubble is close behind.

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