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Most Popular Gaming Genres

Most Popular Gaming GenresVelocity Micro A Leading Innovator of Consumer Technology and Provider of Electronics in North America

Categories of Video gamesThere are numerous categories of videogamesGames belonging to the same genre may have similar properties, like gameplay mechanicsGames in the same genre may appear very different from each other

Adventure Games These games are not based on quick reflexes and are not action-packed. Instead, they require the player to take cues from interacting with other characters in the game or from the environment. Based on these cues, the player is required to solve some puzzles. These games generally do not have a storyline. Being a little slower-paced than most other games, this genre appeals to people who are not totally into videogames.

First Person Shooters (FPS) This genre has become almost synonymous with the word videogame. Such games are mostly fast-paced and have sudden movements. As they involve combat, there are explosions and weapons being fired. The shooting is from the perspective of the character that is controlled by the player, which is what gives the genre its name.

Role Playing Games (RPGs)In such games, you assume the role of one or more characters, each having specific skillsets and/or weapons. An imaginary world is created and a detailed storyline unfolds as the game progresses. There are adventures to undertake, obstacles to overcome and hidden secrets to discover. As the player succeed at certain hurdles, the character(s) gain strength or increase their abilities.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)Although these games belong to the broader PRG category, their popularity and complexity make them distinct. They involve elements similar to RPGs, including there being an imaginary world, it having a detailed storyline, the player having to complete quests and the character requiring to build skills or garner ammunition. The difference lies in the fact that hundreds of other players could be interacting with each other real-time. This genre has been combined with other genres.

Strategy GamesThese games always have a goal to be achieved and require skillful thinking and careful planning. The player is given certain limited resources with which he/she progresses in the game. The player usually needs to determine how best to allocate the limited resources to create something. There are trade-offs to be made, maybe in terms of resources, time and money.

Action-AdventureThese games combine elements of the action and adventure genres. They usually involve long-term goals to be achieved and strength or capabilities to be built that can be leveraged to overcome obstacles as the game progresses. They may involve uncovering secrets and solving simple puzzles, while also having some combat involved.

Other GenresSome of the other popular genres are:SimulationsSports GamesFighting GamesEducational GamesCasual Games

CPU and GPUThe total gaming experience depends entirely on the CPU and GPU. The CPU determines how quickly complex threads in the game can be executed, which is particularly important for fast-paced games. The graphics card enables loading and rendering textures, which may have heavy detailing, as is the case with the most popular and modern games.

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