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Abrev.Significado en inglsEjemplo de usoAFAIKAs Far As I KnowAFAIK there is no problem at allAKAAlso Known AsShes Victoria Beckham, also known as PoshASAPAs Soon As PossibleThis needs to be done asapBBLBe Back LaterNow you have to wait, hell BBLBRBBe Right BackOne sec, Ill BRBBTWBy The WayThats really good news. BTW, she also finishes her studiesCOBClose Of BusinessWe need to finish this requirement by COBDIYDo It YourselfIf you want anything to happen you have to DIY!FYIFor Your InformationMuy utilizado en los emails y cuando se reenva un mensaje a otra persona(s). FYI, original messageIDKI Dont KnowIm sorry, IDKIMOIn My OpinionIMO, youre wrongLOLLots Of LaughsLol, that was really funnyNIMNot In the MoodIm NIM to go out tonightNPNo ProblemNo problem at all, it was my pleasureOMGOh My GodOMG! Isnt that Cristiano Ronaldo?TBATo Be AnnouncedPrize for the winner is TBA!TBCTo Be ConfirmedThat is still TBCTBDTo Be DefinedThe room is yet TBDUFOUnidentified Flying ObjectHe believes he saw an UFO last nightVIPVery Important PersonThats the VIP area for the clubWTFWhat the f**k?WTF are you talking about man?

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