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Most Popular Caravan AccessoriesEssential Traveling Accessories

Caravan travelling is the best option, if you are planning for travel with your family with in Australia, especially in coastal cape national park region. Caravan are generally cost effective, easy maintenance & freedom of travelling.

If you are planning for a caravan holiday park this weekend. Then these are the most popular accessories you must keep in your journey, to make you holiday more convenient & joy full

#1. Oven/Griller

Caravan Oven/Griller gives you the freedom of cooking in natural park. Most of the caravan griller & over are electricity operated with glass lid for cook top and glass door. Some glass lid has a safety feature that turns the burners and electric element off as the lid is closed.

#2. Caravan Awning

Caravan awning is best option for adding extra space in your outdoor caravan area. Most of the caravan awning are made from fabric which gives UV & sun light protection & also gives you privacy in the outdoor.

#3. Towing Mirror

Towing mirrors help you to prevent from accident related to towing. Most of the caravan & RV towing mirror are designed to give superior vision and vibration free to get better angel view.

#4. Weight Distribution Machine

Weight Distribution Systems (WDS) restore the geometry of the tow vehicle to its natural state. A WDS transfers the weight from the rear wheels of the vehicle to two places: the front wheels of the vehicle and the wheels of the trailer.

#5. Washing Machine

Caravan washing machine are lightweight, affordable and portable which makes these devices easy to carry in any journey. Its sleek design fits to the interior decor in any caravan & RV.

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