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Monasticism: Simeon the Pillar-Dweller. Monastic anecdotes. Spiritual warfare: five stages of sin. Goals of monastic life. Simeon the Stylite. Functions of holy man. Simeon the Pillar-Dweller (389-459). Spiritual warfare: five stages of sin. Provocation Coupling Assent Captivity Habit. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Monasticism: Simeon the Pillar-DwellerMonastic anecdotes.Spiritual warfare: five stages of sin.Goals of monastic life.Simeon the Stylite.Functions of holy man.Simeon the Pillar-Dweller (389-459).

  • Spiritual warfare: five stages of sinProvocationCouplingAssentCaptivityHabit

  • Goals of monastic life

    Purity of heartCeaseless prayer Life according to the BeatitudesSelf-mastery.Imitation of ChristFinal goal: eternal lifeLadder of Divine Assent: John Climachus

  • Remains of the pillar of St Simeon the YoungerQalaat Semaan about 60 miles East from Antioch

  • St Simeons whereabouts

  • Simeon surrounded by visitors

  • Simeon and his disciple Daniel

  • The function of the holy man in Late Antiquity Miracle-worker Patron and protector Mediator between heaven and earth Intercessor who stands outside social relations

  • Saints in the imagination of their contemporaries

    Apa Menos is a friend of God. Closeness & intimacy with Christ. Christ embraces apa Menos. Christ is on the same level.

    Move from Egypt to Syria. Spiritual warfare against temptations & powers of evil. Temptation of St. Antony. Stage one. Provocation. Evil imagination starts as a quick thought which crosses our mental horizon like a lightening. It comes out of the blue and disappears immediately: Id like to get some liquor Hmm, I know, its bad for me, so I should not even think about it.Stage two. Coupling. A dialogue with the passionate thought. (Well, it seems, there is a store nearby where one could, perhaps get some liquor. As a matter of fact, I could just go to the store without actually buying anything. Ill just see what kinds of things they have there. It would not hurt to drop byStage three. Assent. Agreement to act upon the nudging that comes from the passionate thought. It is immaterial whether this nudging is fulfilled or there was no opportunity to actually accomplish it. Ill go to that store and I will buy just one bottle. Nobodys health was ever damaged by one bottle of good wine. One bottle is all I will buy. No more. At this stage the person actually goes and buys, or feels really bad about not being physically able to buy.Stage four. Captivity. The thought becomes a mood that is frequently present in ones mind. (I do not know what to do with myself. Whenever I think about a bottle, my feet carry me in the direction of a liquor store, my hands shake and move towards the bottle against my will )

    Stage five. Passion or addictive habit. What has started as an accidental thought develops into a trait of character, a second nature. Our behavior becomes compulsive. In our example, a man becomes a drunkard. It is immaterial whether he could actually become one. In his mental life he acts as if he has actually become one.

    Basilica was built ca. 490 surrounding a living saint. Story about the modern stylite From the Holy Mountain, p. 149. Antioch= Antakya in Southern Turkey. Aleppo is in modern Syria.