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Mobile Consuer Engagement, Get your site on their home page


  • InteractionX 100

    Software That Bonds Your Business To The Daily Lives of Consumers

  • Mobile NationMobile Nation

    Look around you

    Consumers are tied to their personal mobile devices.

    330MM Subscribers

    Always-On Branding

    They shop; they comment;

    They recommend

    Always-On Branding

    User-Activated Content

    Social Media Theme Heavy

  • Missed OpportunitiesMissed Opportunities

    Growth in the mobile/social arena has been exponential.

    Yet, many businesses are not putting these tools to good & proper use.

    Some are not even aware they exist.

    Social Web Tools

    > 100% Market PenetrationSome are not even aware they exist.

    Have you heard of engagement campaigns and the software that supports it?

    We have, and were nottalking rocket science

    > 100% Market Penetration

    1.5 Minute Response Period

    Double Digit Market Growth

  • Superior Mobile StrategiesSuperior Mobile Strategies

    Link your web presence

    Urge new and existing customers to add your site to their daily lives.

    Niche Blogs

    Landing Pages

    Collect Email & Mobile Numbers to build a preferred opt-in list of clients.

    Participate in Social Media as an individual in small business.

    Store Promotions

  • Superior Mobile StrategiesSuperior Mobile Strategies

    By providing a hard-line to your online presence, you give customers an single-icon to look at everyday, and a single action to visit yourand a single action to visit yourpromotions.

  • Picture ThisPicture ThisWhat if I told you we had simplesoftware that would engaging withcustomers on their devices?

    And what if we told you that we canhave this software up and runninghave this software up and runningthis week?

    We can put your brand, web site or promotion as a web-application on

    the users home screen.

    iOS users receive a pop-up whichcompels them to add your sites webapp to their Smartphone or tablet.

  • Connect The DotsConnect The Dots

    Let us arrange your dots to complete the big online picture

    What youll need:



    WordPress Site Platform One-Click Mobile Web App Customers with Smartphones Promotional Value Offer

    Thats It!

    Your Brand


    On Premise


  • We create a funnel from all of your online properties, and drive their visits to your landing pages

    Our software then prompts iOS users to add your site to their

    home screen.

    What is theend result?

    Customers Experience Your Brand Every Day

  • How may people do youknow actually do this

    when instructed?

  • Digital SolutionsDigital Solutions

    Website Hosting Provider [Managed] Backend Web Hosting

    WordPress Software Platform Dynamic web content engine Easily creates landing pages Hosts the OCMWA software

    Third Party Vendor

    $ 297

    $20 /Month

    Installed & Configured

    Hosts the OCMWA software

    One-Click Mobile Web App Runs-on WordPress Engine Creates Web App popover Adds your site to user homescreen

    Promotional Elements A value or product you chose to


    $ Project

    $ 497Installed to WordPress

    Development of marketing promotions

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