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  • 1.Minneapolis TUG January 16, 2014Dan Murray Director of BI Services InterWorks, Inc.

2. Are you kidding me? 3. Topics My first Tableau Project The data flood Being an evangelist/getting buy-in Deployment strategies Building effective dashboards 4. My First Tableau Project 5. Lessons Learned Start quickly Spreadsheets work Fast payback 6. Rapid Deployment Sales Inventory Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Purchasing 7. Dimensionally-Conformed Spreadsheet 8. Savings 3,000 hours$450,000 9. I learnedEveryone needs Tableau 10. The Data Flood Volume Velocity Variety 11. Order of MagnitudeSources: Wikipedia, Wired Magazine 12. The NSA is watching Internet Searches Websites visited Emails sent & received Social Media activity Blogging activity Videos watched/uploaded Photos viewed/uploaded Cell phone GPS data Cell phone Apps downloaded Phone call records Text messages sent/received Skype video callsSource: Online purchases/transactions Credit card transactions Financial information Legal documents Travel documents Health records Cable TV shows watched Commuter toll records Bus and subway passes Facial recognition data Arrest records Drivers license data And more.http://nsa.gov1.info/data/index.html#data 13. Digital Data 2014 343,745,490,948,927,055,802 ytd 10:46 AM CST today343.745 Exabytes0.343 Zettabytes Source: EMC Worldwide Information Growth Ticker (power by IDC Research) 14. New 1-TB Drives Needed343,745,490 15. $980 billion 16. Storage is keeping pace. 17. Variety Relational Databases Non-relational Databases Grid/cache storage Over 190 commercial and open source options available. 18. New Digital Universe Study Reveals Big Data Gap: Less Than 1% of Worlds Data is Analyzed.Source: IDChttp://www.emc.com/about/news/press/2012/20121211-01.htm 19. Part of the AnswerTableau Software 20. Answer Part IIYour skill & Knowledge 21. Data VisualizationEvangelist 22. We humans are not a consistent identity moving through time, but a chain of successive selves, each tangentially linked to, and yet distinct from, the previous and subsequent ones. Derek Parfit Philosopher & Author of Reasons and Persons 23. Getting Buy-in Move quickly Make a compelling story Show something they havent seen 24. Pick something you can finish in < 4 weeks 25. Dont do what your boss asks you to do 26. Make something better 27. Deployment Strategies 28. Consider organizational culture 29. Facebook Mostly organic growth with a common company culture. 30. Cisco Systems Growth through acquisition with a variety of company cultures. 31. Facebook Centrally controlled Center of excellence Rapid expansion 32. Cisco Systems Central funding Decentralized control Natural adoption 33. Both successful 34. Building Effective Dashboards 35. Effective means They fit in the available space Load quickly Are easy to use & understand 36. Cascading Design 37. A live example ..using the Coffee Chain data.. 38. Dan Murray dan.murray@interworks.comTwitter: dgm885Speech notes http://tableauyourdata.com/downloads/