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2010 TEA/TUG. Baton Rouge, LA October 20 - 28. Baton Rouge Sheraton. Baton Rouge Riverfront. Red Stick Park and USS Kidd. River Center and US Veterans Memorial Museum. Louisiana Arts and Science Museum and Pennington Planetarium. Old State Capitol. Old State Capitol Interior. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2010 TEA/TUGBaton Rouge, LAOctober 20 - 28

  • Baton Rouge Sheraton

  • Baton Rouge RiverfrontRed Stick Park and USS Kidd

  • River Center and US Veterans Memorial Museum

  • Louisiana Arts and Science Museum and Pennington Planetarium

  • Old State Capitol

  • Old State Capitol Interior

  • Louisiana State Capitol and the Reflecting Pool at the Louisiana State Museum

  • Downtown October EventsLive After Five Friday Evenings

  • The 13th Gate Voted Most HauntedAttraction in America

  • Excellent Food

  • Home to the LSU Fighting Tigers

  • 2009 NCAA National Champions

  • LSU Rural Life Museum

  • Beautiful PlantationsOak Alley

  • Nottoway Plantation

  • Oakley House where John James Auduboncompleted 32 of his paintings

  • White Oak Plantation

  • The Myrtles one of Americas Most Haunted Houses

  • It even snows every 10 years or so

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