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Memphis Slayer. David Garrard. Position: Quarterback Height: 6-1 Weight: 236 Number: 9 Fact: Attended East Carolina University and was picked 4 th round (10 th pick) by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2002. Fred Jackson. Position: Running Back Height: 6-1 Weight: 215 Number: 22 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Memphis Slayer

Memphis Slayer

David GarrardPosition: Quarterback Height: 6-1Weight: 236Number: 9Fact: Attended East Carolina University and was picked 4th round (10th pick) by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2002

Fred JacksonPosition: Running BackHeight: 6-1Weight: 215Number: 22Fact: Born on February 20, 1981, in Fort Worth, TX

Mike KarneyPosition: Full BackHeight: 5-11Weight: 255Number: 44Fact: Originally played for the New Orleans Saint but was traded to the St. Louis Rams

Chad CliftonPosition: Left Offensive TackleHeight: 6-5Weight: 320Number: 78Fact: Drafted by Green Bay Packers in 2000. He was the 2nd round 13th pick

Todd HerremansPosition: Left Offensive GuardHeight: 6-6Weight: 321Number: 76Fact: Attended Saginaw Valley College

Casey WiegmannPosition: CenterHeight: 6-6Weight: 321Number: 62Fact: He was born on July 20, 1973, in Parkersburg, IA

Floyd WomackPosition: Right Offensive GuardHeight: 6-4Weight: 328Number: 77Fact: Attended Mississippi State

Mike OttoPosition: Right Offensive TackleHeight: 6-5Weight: 310Number: 66Fact: He was drafted in 2007, he was the 7th round (13th pick) by the Tennessee Titans

Tony GonzalezPosition: Tight EndHeight: 6-5Weight: 243Number: 88Fact: Played for the Kansas City Chiefs for most of his career, but now plays for the Atlanta Falcons

Santana MossPosition: Wide ReceiverHeight: 5-10Weight: 205Number: 89Fact: Went to the University of Miami and was the first round draft pick of the New York Jets

Antwaan Randle ElPosition: Wide ReceiverHeight: 5-10Weight: 185Number: 82Fact: Born in Riverdale, IL

Tyler BraytonPosition: Right Defensive EndHeight: 6-6Weight: 280Number: 96Fact: Attended the University of Colorado

Jonathan BabineauxPosition: Right Defensive TackleHeight: 6-2Weight: 296Number: 95Fact: He has been playing for the Atlanta Falcons since 2005

Aubrayo FranklinPosition: Nose TackleHeight: 6-1Weight: 317Number: 92Fact: Originally played for the Baltimore Ravens, but now plays for the San Francisco 49ers

Mike PattersonPosition: Left Defensive TackleHeight: 6-1Weight: 300Number: 98Fact: Went to USC

Kendall LangfordPosition: Left Defensive EndHeight: 6-6Weight: 295Number: 70Fact: Drafted in 2008 by the Miami Dolphins

Gary BrackettPosition: Middle LinebackerHeight: 5-11Weight: 235Number: 58Fact: Attended Rutgers University

Mike PetersonPosition: Right LinebackerHeight: 6-1Weight: 233Number: 53Fact: Went to the University of Florida

Adam HaywardPosition: Left LinebackerHeight: 6-1Weight: 240Number: 57Fact: Career total of 64 tackles

Ron BartellPosition: Left CornerbackHeight: 6-1Weight: 205Number: 24Fact: Has a career total of eight interceptions and one touchdown

Ronde BarberPosition: Right CornerbackHeight: 5-10Weight: 184Number: 20Fact: Career total of 40 interceptions and seven touchdowns

Renaldo HillPosition: Strong SafetyHeight: 5-11Weight: 205Number: 23Fact: Attended Michigan State

Steve WeatherfordPosition: PunterHeight: 6-3Weight: 215Number: 9Fact: Average punt goes about 42.9 yards

Josh ScobeePosition: KickerHeight: 6-1Weight: 210Number: 10Fact: Has made between 13-23 50+ yard field goals