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    DPRO-109648Barbara Kelly

    Product Report4 September 2002

    MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications


    MEDITECH has added two new productsE-Commerce Solution and Authorization and ReferralManagementto the financial and administrative applications within the HCIS enterprise system.

    Table of Contents


    Features and Functions: MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications







    List Of Tables

    Table 1: General Ledger

    Table 2: Billing/Accounts Receivable

    Table 3: Accounts Payable

    Table 4: Cost Accounting

    Table 5: Budgeting and Forecasting

    Table 6: Materials Management

    Table 7: E-Commerce Solution

    Table 8: Payroll/Personnel

    Table 9: Staffing and Scheduling

    Table 10: Registration

    Table 11: Community-Wide Scheduling

    Table 12: Case Mix Management

    Table 13: Authorization and Referral Management

    Table 14: Executive Support System

    Table 15: Data Repository

    Table 16: Data Archiving

  • MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications

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    Table 17: Integrated Communication System

    Table 18: Operating Requirements: MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and AdministrativeApplications

    Table 19: Product Profile: MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide Financial and Administrative Applications

    Table 20: MEDITECH

  • MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications

    Copyright 2002DPRO-1096484 September 2002 3

    Corporate Headquarters

    Medical Information Technology, Inc. (MEDITECH)

    MEDITECH Circle

    Westwood, MA 02090, U.S.A.

    Tel: +1 781 821 3000

    Fax: +1 781 821 2199



    Features and Functions: MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and AdministrativeApplications

    Table 1: General Ledger

    Chart of Accounts and Organizational Hierarchy.


    Real-Time Inquiry.

    General Reporting.



    Security Features.

    The General Ledger module produces financial reports conforming to generally

    accepted accounting principles. The application receives:

    Batch entries on a daily or periodic basis in detail or summary format.

    Budget information.

    Accrual entries.

    Statistical information.

    Control procedures.

    Chart of Accounts

    and Organizational


    Chart of accounts accommodates a hospital environment and supports multiple-

    entity integrated healthcare networks. Facilitates the process of building the chart of

    accounts by providing flexible methods of structuring the hierarchy and assigning

    account numbers.

    User-defined and user-controlled chart of accounts.

    Unlimited number of defined accounts.

    Flexibility to handle user-defined account number lengths.

    Flexibility to create an organizations hierarchical structure, which results in easily

    obtained Responsibility Management Reports.

    Flexibility to define an unlimited number of summary reporting oaths for report

    writing and inquiry purposes.

    Support of control and subsidiary accounts.

    Support of alphanumeric accounts.

    Combined data entry and list functions for easy maintenance and viewing of data.

    Recurring batches for cash and statistics.

  • MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications

    Copyright 2002DPRO-1096484 September 2002 4

    Table 1: General Ledger

    Bookkeeping Set of bookkeeping functions controls and reports entry of all transactions.

    Automatic transfer of transactions from other financial applications.

    Automatic creation of intercompany transfer transactions.

    Recording of transactions in online batches for easy control and auditing.

    User-controlled sequence of posting, reporting and closing.

    Immediate error checking of all data as it is posted, so the ledger is always in


    Online review and edit of batch data before posting to accounts.

    Free-text descriptions of each transaction group.

    Batch lists available in order of entry or in account number sequence.

    Master Log Report that displays all batch transactions for one or more days.

    Summary batch posting.

    Reversal of batch posting.

    Recurring batch capabilities.

    No limit to the length of time that detail and summary data are retained.

    Prior and future period transactions.

    Simultaneous maintenance of multiple open periods.

    Real-time update of account balances on posting.

    Closing routines to process money and statistic accounts.

    Real-Time Inquiry Inquiry function allows an authorized user to view current account balances or

    activity on demand.

    Online account inquiries are displayed in detail, summary, period comparison or

    budget comparison.

    Users can select accounts for inquiry by specifying an account number, a range of

    numbers or by specifying component values, such as salaries and wages for

    laboratory or managers area of responsibility.

    Budgeting Supports unlimited budget files for current or future periods.

    Allows for departmental-level access for budget development and analysis.

    Allows users to create budget data for accounts from current or previous period

    budget or actual balances.

    Supports seamless integration of budget files created in Payroll/Personnel, Fixed

    Assets, and Budgeting and Forecasting applications.

    Supports budget worksheet comparison for a range of periods, including prior fiscal

    years, actual and projections, and budget variances.

    Allocation Supports definition of the rules and methods by which expenses and revenues are


    User-defined allocation methods, including Simultaneous Equation and Step Down.

    Allocation based on account statistics, money or manual weighting.

    Automatically generated General Ledger batches from allocation tables for both

    actual and budget data.

  • MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications

    Copyright 2002DPRO-1096484 September 2002 5

    Table 1: General Ledger

    Security Features All system users throughout the healthcare network are required to have a user-

    defined password.

    Audit trail reports link various system activities to specific user passwords.

    Password-based security checks, which are organization defined, are located at

    several entry points throughout the system.

    Only those users with special organization-defined passwords may access specific

    department, entity or corporate information and have the capability to perform

    certain system functions and routines.

    Table 2: Billing/Accounts Receivable

    Integration with other applications.

    Instant access and update of pertinent information.

    Account identification.

    Contract management.

    Interim billing.

    Billing capabilities.

    Patient and guarantor collections.


    Standard management reports.

    Patient and guarantor collections.

    Captures, stores and retrieves patient charge information.

    Allows for online account inquiry with a real-time update of patient demographic


    Produces bills, statements, claim forms and logs.

    Accepts receipts, adjustments and refunds.

    Delivers auto proration capabilities.

    Provides ad hoc account follow-up and management reports.

    Access to and

    Update of Pertinent


    Uniform access to all accounts: inpatient and outpatient, unbilled, accounts

    receivable and bad debt.

    Complete account details and history for all account statuses.

    Individual screens allow user to view/print changes, payments, adjustments, refunds

    and late charges for an account based on transaction type selected.

    Authorization of users, based on access restrictions, for data entry edit or view-only


    Maintenance of complete guarantor, insurance, DRG and UB92 data.



    Identify an account by patient name, number, unit number or guarantors number.

    Edit demographic data; inquire on the billing and collection history; reproduce bills

    and claims; add comments, reminders and letters.

    Display accounts for most recent to oldest on Search for Screens routine.

  • MEDITECH HCIS Enterprisewide HIS Financial and Administrative Applications

    Copyright 2002DPRO-1096484 September 2002 6

    Table 2: Billing/Accounts Receivable

    Interim Billing Interim billing routines track recurring and long-term accounts for billing and

    collection purposes.

    An unlimited number of bills can be generated based on how billing cycles are


    Rules are established to bring groups of