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  • 1. Trailer begins with, the companies that help create the film. This is used to advertise the companies that helped and can help sell future films. If people liked this film made by them. Colour scheme on the logos, relates to the colour of capsule Superman was flown in to get to Earth.

2. First shot is Clarke, floating in water. It shows him floating amongst debris so an accident could have just happened. The photo could symbolise Jesus as he has his arms like a cross and Superman can be suggested to be the Saviour, also we can see the sun shining down onto him. The clothing he is wearing is very minimal as he is only wearing a pair of torn up shorts. The Shot is mid-close up as we can see the immediate background around him. The trailer then begins to play a dramatic song which includes a high pitch woman's voice. 3. The next shot shows Clarke, floating even deeper than the last shot as the sun is not shining onto him now. This could suggest that he may not need oxygen to breathe as he looks to be very deep now. As before his arms are still out wide suggesting a religious figure. His arms are badly scraped and red which backs up that he has been in an accident with something. His eyes are closed which may show he is unconscious. This shot is close up as we can see his facial features well and also his direct surroundings. By this shot dialogue is being heard of a young Clarke talking to his human mother 4. This next shot is a young Clarke, hiding away as he starts to learn he may not be of this world due to his ability of hearing peoples thoughts. However the way he is positioned shows that even though he is alien he has been brought up like a human in the way that he is emotional and childlike. He is hiding in what seems like a store cupboard. The shot is also a mid close up as we can see Clarke and his surroundings. The audio of this shot is still the high pitched woman but also with Young Clarke being comforted by his human mother 5. This shot is close up of Clarkes human mother, trying to focus his mind off peoples thoughts. Her face position shows she is feeling bad for Clarke knowing she cant do anything for him to help as he had locked the door. The editing pace of this shot is slow to increase the sympathy for young Clarke. 6. The next shot is a look at Clarke as he begins focussing his mind it is an extreme close up as we can see his whole face and his tears very clear. The shot uses a shallow shot to blur out the background this helps the audience to focus on Clarkes face. On this shot the dialogue has stopped and the backing to the dramatic song still plays. 7. The next shot is a side on view as a school bus plummets into the water, you can easily see the speed of the fall as the water is firing back into the camera . The shot is a mid shot as we can see all of the water below and nearly all of the left side of the bus. The dialogue in this shot has retuned and it is a parent of a child on the bus describing what a teenage Clarke did to save everyone. The shot speed has increased now to illustrate Clarke growing up and the horrific bus crash. 8. In this shot we see one of the teenagers on the school bus crash it shows her hand on the window and her face in terror as the bus sinks. The camera shot is mid-close up, to show the child's terror. From this shot we can also see the water filling the bus. The shot speed is still very fast in order to increase the dramatic effect. The audio over the shot is still the backing track of the song. But its still effective in creating tension. 9. This shot shows teenage Clarke standing at the back of the school bus pushing it back to the surface of the water. He is in the middle of the shot to show that he is one of the most important characters in the shot. Especially when you see that the other kids on the bus are turned toward him looking at him.The sound over the top of the shot is a parent talking about the event after it happened from her sons eye witness account. The hum soundtrack has now changed into a more dynamic song. Which now has a bass drum in it to add drama and the feeling that he is slowly turning into superman 10. In this shot Clarke is talking to his human father about whether he should tell people about his powers. Again he has come to the depression of knowing he is different from the rest. And might have to live with the consequences of saving the bus. Clarke is wearing casual clothes: a hoody and jeans and his human father is wearing a khaki jacket. Clarke is sat on a blue pick up. The sound over the top is, dialogue from the shot, of his father teaching Clarke whether his actions are right or wrong. Again with the bass line soundtrack 11. This shot is an inter-title, a title that appears in-between shots to excite the audience for the film, these can either tease a release date or show of critics opinions or quotes from the film. In this case it appears with a boom sound then disappears. 12. This shot is when Clarke discovers about his family and where he is from. HE picks up a memory stick like device which is his key to the sanctuary. The new updated glass crystals from the older films. The sound over the top is a lot more dramatic with what now sounds like a full orchestra. A voice over from Russell Crow, (Jor-El) is heard to tell Clarke who he is. 13. In this shot Clarke is walking from left to right on top of a mountain. He is centered in shot, and is looking into the sun on the left. Which could be shown to illustrate Superman's ability to gain strength from the sun. The music is playing consistently throughout the trailer however a voice over is played during this shot of a man speaking, you just have to decide what kind of man you want to be. 14. This show is Superman looking out into the mountains with sun glare hitting the Camera lens from the left side. His cape is floating in the wind also. The voice over is still continued, whoever that man is these last few scenes are about Clarke realizing who he is and what he could do with his life. 15. This shot is a very short show last only half a second but you can really see how Calm Clarke is and that he may have started understanding who he is. The Shot is A close up.An Easter egg could be his power from the sun as he looks very relaxed when he looks in the light. 16. In this shot you see Clarke preparing to fly, the power from his fist on the floor Is so strong that you can see the objects on the floor floating around and the ground Displacing around his hand. Close up Shot. The music at this point is very dramatic introducing drums and heavy synths in order to create tension build up. 17. In this shot Clarke has managed to fly and you can see the fore of his jump as the whole area around him has been cracked. Mid shot of him flying towards the camera The music continues to be dramatic but is building up for something. Getting higher pitched And louder. 18. At this point the music is building up more to make the audience anticipate something about To happen. However when he lifts off the music climaxs as he has become the superman we Know. He flies upward supersonic speed. The shot is a mid shot as we can see his background Of clouds. And he is in the centre of the screen which shows his importance. 19. In this shot Supermans parents are kissing him before they send him to Earth on the eve Of Krypton's destruction. The shot is a close up of the two parents cuddled around Kal-El. The music is very loud and uses drums to increase the tension and energy of the trailer 20. This shot is a mid-shot of General Zods ship landing outside of Clarkes Kansas home. The music is ever increasing, getting louder. 21. The shot here is the audiences first look at what General Zod looks like. It uses a mid shot showing his chest and head with the light from his ship behind him.The music has now had a down turn and is now more depressing showing that Superman is going to have a s struggle 22. This shot is of Krypton blowing up with Superman's mother watching as her death approaches. The music is continued in its downward spiral as we see everything good get destroyed. It is a long shot down a tunnel looking a krypton skyline in the distance. 23. This shot is a mid shot of Superman handcuffed and in custody by humans, this could Symbolize that Superman acts as if he is of Earth and will not use his powers to put Himself above them.The music has turned to have a more holy theme with Choir singing to increase tension 24. In this shot General Zod and Superman are flying towards each other at super speed. The shot Is at an angle showing the pair by the side of a building and it also makes the viewer tilt their Head. The music is still at a climax. The shot is a split second shot quickly moving onto the next. You can see the LA in the background. 25. The shot is one of the most significant shots in the whole trailer as we see the suit up close for The first time. The S being a prominent feature. The shot is a close up but with a camera tilt Looking up to it as if it was very important. The music is slowly reaching the end as it dies Down slowly. 26. This shot has a meaning to it that humans can learn to love Clarke. As before his human father was scared they would never like him. In this case he has found love in a woman. The shot is a close up and the music is finally dying down.