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  • 1. Marketing Global TalentMarketing Global Talent Especially for VIPs ;)Especially for VIPs ;) Pinzari Christina - PR & Media Manager 13-14

2. GCP eventGCP event Job Fair Athens Reach: National When: 5& 6 April 2013 | 14 & 15 May 2014 How we got there: called and asked to be there ;) Agreement: Info desk [For AIESEC] Logo on materials [Job Fair Athens] + site [Both] Text on site / Booklet [Job Fair Athens] Social Media Posts [Both] Result: 100+ contacts mainly for Explore in 2013, mainly for Global Talent (but also had Explore) in 2014 - not clear yet how many raises Goal: Global Talent raises from the event :) 3. Events ManagementEvents Management Participation Info desk / Stand Speech Indirect (promo & positioning) Attend (Networking) 4. Events Management - ParticipationEvents Management - Participation What can we offer: Newsletter (Partners or National) Logo on site (Partners section) Press Release in site (Partners News) Many more - always have in mind though who you partner with (their values, reputation & practices - how would it affect AIESEC's brand?) and what's the objective and final goal of this partnership Win to win situation (protect AIESEC!) 5. Event Management - ParticipationEvent Management - Participation Info desk Find people to attend (at least 2 weeks before) Check Materials (at least 1 week before) Divide people and send them in groups NEVER leave the desk empty Always have the table clean and well set (no coffe, chocolates, flyers from other companies etc.) Have a laptop with you & put contacts on podio (special "events application" on AIESEC Greece ORS) 6. On-line portals - UNI ServicesOn-line portals - UNI Services Always send first to the COMM functional to make sure no-one else has the account! Find the ones that cover your market & target audience See what you can do for them (quality interships developing leadership skills, promotion etc.). See what you need (money, recognition, their trust & "brand"..?) Prepare Proposal (ALWAYS win to win) Prepare description of some positions and include it in proposal Find their contacts (Contact section on site) Call :) 7. Partnership ProposalPartnership Proposal Suggestions for issues to cover: What is AIESEC (essence, numbers, countries..) & results Why should youth take our interships Why should the partner co-operate with us (benefits) What do we need exactly (money, promo..?) 8. Any Questions? Contact me at