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Turn Your Photos into cash guide that reveals just what sort of photos sell best on the stock photography sites. Turn Your Photos into cash guide that reveals just what sort of photos sell best on the stock photography sites.


  • Make Money With Your Photos

    Volume 2

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  • Make Money With Your Photos

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    Copyright Dan Feildman Get Paid For Taking Pictures Now! Page 2 of 14

  • Make Money With Your Photos

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    Table of ContentsWhy Sell Your Digital Photos on the Internet?................................................................ 4 Where To Sell Your Photos Online .................................................................................. 5 Which Photos Sell Best Online?...................................................................................... 6

    How To Avoid Digital Photo Rejection ................................................................................................7

    The Best Way To Sell More Digital Photos..................................................................... 9 Who Can Sell Photos Online? ......................................................................................... 9 Who Will Buy My Photos?............................................................................................ 10 Sell More Photos - Turn Your Backyard Pictures Into Commercial Assets!................. 12

  • Why Sell Your Digital Photos on the Internet? Many people believe that digital photographers need alot of expensive equipment, in order to produce quality digital images. Well some probably do but it just isn't the key for making money from your digital photos as middle to lower end of the range PCs and digital cameras will produce exactly the same results. All you need is proven advice so that your digital photos bring you the extra cash you really need right now allowing you to immediately get to work on turning your photos into cash. Wouldn't you be interested in knowing that all You need is a digital camera, a computer and an Internet Connection to start earning between $200 and $5000 every single month. Getting started is simple and you will soon see just why so many people can make money from selling digital photos on the Internet.

    1. You won't require fancy or expensive camera equipment 2. You don't need to be a professional photographer! 3. You don't require a web site or any technical skills! So with a basic start up cost you are then ready to take advantage of your digital photo collection or you may just want to get out there and snap up those images that we detail in the "Turn Your Photos into Cash" guide that reveals just what sort of photos sell best on the stock photography sites. Other advantages with selling photos on the Internet are...

  • 1. You can snap photos from anywhere in the world! 2. You get to work from home and choose your own hours! 3. No experience is necessary and if you can take an average picture, you can make money with this system! The Internet is often considered an unreliable source for products due to scams and spam, which lead people to losing confidence in anything related to the Internet, but I believe that this new Internet digital photography business would even prove to the harshest of skeptics that the Internet is a very important business base and that these very types of businesses will lead to many more commodities being sold and bought on the Internet.

    Where To Sell Your Photos Online Digital Photographers are needed from all round the world, due to the sheer diversity of our planet, so regardless of where you live there is money to be made through selling your

    digital photos online. The sale of photos through Stock Photography sites can earn between 50 and 80% in commission for every photo that is downloaded. Basically the only work involved online is to upload photos for free, so it really couldn't be any easier and then you just sit back and wait while potential download customers such as Web designers, magazine editors, and advertising agencies grab your photos. Real people photos are very popular too, especially models so spend some time on reading over the chapter regarding copyright and then find as many Models as possible. Although we are supplying you with all of the basic materials and ideas to sell your photos online, you may find that a small investment will save you a lot of

    head scratching time and will also help you not to lose interest at an early stage and subsequently lose out on making some extra income through selling your photos online.

  • There are a whole bunch of Stock Photography sites, so let's take a look at some of my favorites and focus on which specialty they each cater for. If you think your Photos are worthy to produce Postcards or even be included in a book then you need to head over to, who generate a good turnover in this sector. There are also similar opportunities as well as for calendar and poster creation over at If you would like to set up your own web site in order to host and market your own work then you should listen to what has to say. This is a great option if you are thinking of doing this as a profession, as it will reduce the amount you have to pay out as commission. You should now know which Photos sell best, the best sites to sell photos on and just who would be looking at buying your photos online. You are virtually being given the knowledge to set up this stock photography business for free and I am convinced that with the resources that this blog has provided, just about anybody anywhere in the world could start to make money be selling digital photos online.

    Which Photos Sell Best Online? Here at "Turn Your Photos Into Cash", we are often asked for tips on which photos sell best online as well as testimonials from our most successful customers. Now we have no problem in supplying you with great ideas in addition to the free report and the actual book itself, which all together will help you start to earn money immediately from selling your digital photos online. Unfortunately our most successful customers are not so keen on sharing their own success stories, as they obviously don't want to share their personal money making ideas with somebody who may in fact steal their winning formula. As soon as a customer of ours is willing though to share photo selling secrets, it will be posted right here for all of you to share. The principal objective to sell photos online is to chose the correct subject matter, of which

  • there are many. In general you will make money by photographing anything business related, of people in action, children, any technical gadget as well as exotic places and wildlife shots. There are also subjects yet to be discovered, which are potential gold mines, but if you just start with the above list you will soon start to make money from selling your digital photos. Now I was recently sent a couple of photos as displayed here from Max Gosling in Australia, who is actually in his eighties, so all credit to him and thanks for allowing me to have the use of these excellent photos, that in my mind could be a possible goldmine as far as selling photos online is concerned. The "Sturt Pea Bush" is a protected plant by Australian government law and must not be disturbed in any way and also has an aboriginal story attached to it and they call it the Blood Flower.

    Now I already mentioned nature as a subject of interest, but these photos portray something that can't be seen anywhere else in the world, and even have a story of interest attached. The elements to money winning photos can't be explained better than what we see in these photos, so if you have a gold mine photo selling idea, Click here and learn how you can make an extra $200 to $5000 selling digital photos online.

    How To Avoid Digital Photo Rejection The most important tool for this digital photo business is of course the digital camera. The quality of the images is down to the mega pixel capacity of the camera and if you want to avoid your photos being rejected by the stock photography sites, you will need at least a 5 mega pixel digital camera, and make sure it is set to the maximum resolution possible. Never submit more than 50 photos at a time and be careful not to upload the same photo twice, as this will also lead to possible photo rejection and even to account closure. To avoid this happening, don't change

  • the file name as your PC will point out any duplicates, and then when you are have a batch to upload change the file names accordingly. Windows has built in software for multiple file name changes, so it is just a question of a few clicks and won't be a time wasting exercise. Keywords is basically the second most important factor after qualtiy, so a bit of research will certainly help increase your photo sales. Try using the Google Keyword Tool found here:- You can also have a look at similar photos on Google Images, just to see what Keywords the front page images are using, but don't over do it or you will be seen as a spammer. Use between 6 and 10 keywords to get optimum results and this way your photos won't be rejected. So as I said quality is the main determining factor to avoid Photo rejection, so make sure that the images are not out of focus and that the light balance is even. Also your photos may be too large in size, especially if you aiming at optimum quality, so my suggestion would be to use either Adobe Elements or Adobe Photoshop to reduce the sizing, as with this software the quality will not be affected. If you need to make an image larger, don't go over 5% as the quality will be reduced significantly. Finally don't submit any image that has previously been rejected. It's better to take that shot again, but this time paying attention to the above guidelines, as this way your photos will hardly ever be rejected and your photos will make you a lot more money.

  • The Best Way To Sell More Digital Photos One of the best things about the internet is the way we can find things that we are really looking for on some really major search engine providers. The sheer power of the internet will allow people to find your photos that you market on leading stock photography sites. Keywords are the basic ingredient for getting people to buy your photos and correct keyword use will guarantee traffic direct to your listed photos. You need to market your photos at every level or angle so you reach a wide ranging audience. For example with a photo of a football player you would need to include "sports", "football", "American football", and so on but the golden rule is to target as many interested parties as possible. On a broader scale with any type of photo, you need to use as many relevant words that describe the subject matter. Take a look at similar photos on the stock photography sites and see what keywords other digital photographers are using. You should now be almost feeling confident about going out there and taking some great shots right now and get them downloaded and up on to the stock photography sites. You will soon be making a regular income from your digital photos and you will be able to see how many visits you get to your photos. With just a few more tips you will be ready to become an independent stock photographer and really be able to enjoy working for the first time.

  • Who Can Sell Photos Online? Now this is an interesting question I get from photographers who believe that this online digital photography business is only valid for US citizens. Well I would like to not only dismiss such claims but also add that US citizens are actually the power that drives this Internet business, due to the huge amount of users and also to the high demand for digital photos of objects, animals, scenes and a whole bunch of items that just can't be found inside the USA. Subject matter is all so important and a good way to see just how many quality photos are already available on the Internet is to do a "Google Search" on the main keyword and then scan the images. You will find a whole range of images in various sizes, but you may notice that the quality is often poor. These photos will not sell of course, but you will soon see the difference in the quality of the images found as well as the various sizing measures used on the uploaded images. The actual jump from producing poor quality images to high selling images is not high at all, but simple mistakes need to be corrected in order to reach the final goal of being able to sell your quality images on the stock photography sites.

    Displayed are some images that could be sold online as the subject matter is perfect yet the quality could be improved, but I am sure you will spot the potential markets for selling these photos to. Thanks must be given to Jim Glen, who has so kindly given me his permission to publish his work.


    The ideal photo is perfect when taken on location and not after having been edited with software like Photoshop or Element

  • Although these programs are perfect for resizing and removing unwanted objects etc, the quality will never be as good if the photo had been taken correctly in the first place.


    So once again anybody anywhere can sell photos online as long as they have a digital camera, a computer and an Internet connection. It is only a question of quality and interesting subject matter, and after that you only have to upload the photos to the stock photography sites and then just wait to watch the money rolling in.

    Who Will Buy My Photos? "Who will buy my Photos?" is the question that many skeptics ask and it's a very valid

    question for anybody thinking of investing their time and resources in a new business venture. Well that list would have to begin with Web Masters who are constantly looking for images for promoting their online products and promotional materials. T...