Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Mobile Application Development

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Post on 11-Nov-2015




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Mobile application development is an ever evolving field and its very easy to trip and make some of the most common mistakes that can put you and your business at a loss! Here we discuss some of the pitfalls to avoid in mobile application development.


TOP RISKS TO AVOID IN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT The era when mobile apps development was just a fad is over, 2015 seems to be a time when developers design mobile apps with a purpose! Well, businesses have also moved from just wanting to have an app because its a popular trend, to having an app that serves a purpose and aids business. Well, with these changing trends, here are a few pitfalls that mobile application development professionals must avoid. INTRODUCTION As mentioned earlier, make sure that the app is built with some kind of function to serve. Do not build apps for the sake of it. Well, make a list of desired features and analyse whether these features will together solve a certain business problem, or help get new customers for a business, or help customers to better interact with the business. Remove the unnecessary features if need be! BUILT APPS WITH A PURPOSE NOT FOR THE SAKE OF IT In todays age and time, if you are thinking of a single platform for development, its time to reconsider. Businesses need to analyze their target audience and then decide upon the target platform to build the app. The smart phone market is flooded with iPhones, Androids and Windows based phones. Well, if you stick to just one platform, you are missing out on the opportunities to tap the customers from all other mobile platforms! So plan ahead and develop for multiple platforms. ONE DEVICE ONE PLATFORM? THINK TWICE! Application success can only be decided by some of the measurable factors. Mobile has become a single point of access to anything thats on the web and apps help businesses to reach out to customers. The trick is to enable tracking of data such as downloads, app usage, reason to delete the app or user feedback for desired features. This will help you plan your app better rather than leave it to the luck of the web! MEASURABLE PERFORMANCE This is the most important pitfall . Well, build the app with the users in mind! Every user should be able to comfortably use the app that you build. Dont keep them guessing what to do next with your app! Along with including all relevant business functions, make sure that these functions can be easily understood and used by the end user. DONT ASSUME YOURSELF SMARTER THAN YOUR USERS! Security is essential . If you are requesting customer registration or even while a user downloads your app to their mobile, build the app with security features in mind so that they do not interfere with other apps on the phone. Overall, make sure that the app you build is something that is technically sound and advantageous to both businesses and end users! Build apps with focus on purpose and simplicity. After all, what use is technology if it does not simplify things? What use is an app if it does not serve some purpose? Develop mobile apps that are user friendly, business friendly and technology wise! SECURITY For more information, visit at Like us on /EliteMobileApplication Follow us on /elitemobapp