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Tips on what non verbal aspects of conduct candidates need to keep a check on, in interviews.


  • 1.Avoid Pitfalls

2. Picture This
You are preparing for an interview.
You have been through all the technical information related to your field.
You have researched the companys background.
You have even brushed up on your general knowledge.
So, are you thoroughly prepared to face the interview panel?
3. What about keeping
a check on your
4. Things to Know
Your interview begins even before you say your first word
As the interviewer walks toward you to shake hands, an opinion is already being formed
As you wait to answer questions you've prepared for, you are being judged on your appearance, posture and smile
5. The Handshake
6. The handshake should be firm,
not bone-crushing
Shake From Your Elbow
Hand should be dry and warm
Do Not Use a Forceful Grip
Pump Your Hand Only 2-3 Times
7. Posture
8. Stand and sit erect
Erect posture conveys energy and enthusiasm
Slouching conveys tiredness and carelessness
9. Eye Contact
10. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer
Avoid constantly looking around the room while you are conversing with the interviewer
Looking around can convey nervousness or a lack of confidence in what is being discussed.
Eye contact confidence, is the only aspect of your interview apart from what you say and write that you can be assessed on
11. Dont Fidget
12. Fidgeting is a clear sign of restlessness
You dont want to come across as restless in any interview
It is very annoying for interviewers to see candidates playing with their hair, clicking pen tops, tapping feet or unconsciously touching parts of the body.
13. Preparing what you have to say is important, but practicing how you will say it is imperative.
The nonverbal message can speak louder than the verbal message you're sending.
65% of all information in speech is not in the words but in non-verbal communication
The same thing holds for 90% of all
emotional information.
14. Thank you!
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