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  • 1. Welcome to the Webinar! Upgrading to SAP Enhancement Package 7: How to Avoid the Pitfalls Webinar dial-in number: +1 (609) 318-0024 Access Code 723-370-593 Audio PIN will show after joining the webinar We will begin shortly Copyright Panaya Ltd., All rights reserved.
  • 2. Todays Speakers Oren Ezra VP Product Marketing Panaya Copyright Panaya Ltd., All rights reserved. Your Moderator Ayelet Glauberman Panaya Abe Lang Senior Applications Analyst Webinar dial-in number: +1 (609) 318-0024 Access Code 723-370-593 Audio PIN will show after joining the webinar
  • 3. HOUSEKEEPING All phone lines have been muted Please use the Question Panel There will be a short poll We are recording this webinar Polls results and recording will be provided in a follow-up email as well as any questions we dont have time to answer
  • 4. Take Aways The key benefits of upgrading to EHP 7 Business functions commonly activated The impact it will have on your Satellite Systems Tips to help you estimate the time and resources required FIVE common pitfalls to avoid 4 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 5. Copyright Panaya LTD. Successfully Upgrading to SAP EHP7 Oren Ezra VP, Product Marketing
  • 6. EHP Upgrade is the #1 Project in 2014 6 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 7. Why do Customers Upgrade to a new EHP? 7 Copyright All Rights Reserved EHP is (still) largely a maintenance activity
  • 8. Activating New Business Functions 8 Copyright All Rights Reserved No, 76% Yes, 24% Business function activation not yet mainstream for SAP shops
  • 9. EHP Impact on Your Satellite Systems 9 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 10. EHP 7 Whats in Store? 750+ Business functions ~650 business functions accumulated from prior EHPs ~100 new business functions covering financial accounting, logistics, HR, QM, and more First EHP to be optimized for both SAP HANA and traditional DBs Reduce adjustment efforts required to migrate SAP Business Suite to SAP HANA in-memory platform Top-3 functional highlights SAP Fiori productivity apps Speedy MRP Real-time access to ERP data 10 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 11. Commonly Activated Business Functions Download fact sheet at for full list of commonly used 11 Copyright All Rights Reserved BFs by module
  • 12. POLL: Why are you upgrading to EHP 7? (1) To be current with SAP (maintenance activity) (2) To support new business functionality via business function activation (3) To be HANA-ready 12 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 13. Effort Estimation Rules of Thumb Based on Entire SAP ERP System Based on Used SAP ERP Transactions Only Code Corrections for 750 Programs Code Corrections for 400 Programs 280 Cloned Programs to Fix 130 Cloned Programs to Fix 1,500 Functional Tests 1,100 Functional Tests Europe vs. US-based systems: 1. 25% more code corrections in Europe 2. 15% more cloned programs in Europe 3. 40% more functional tests in Europe 13 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 14. Top-5 Pitfalls to Avoid 1. Lack of business user involvement and commitment 2. Lack of consideration for impacted satellite systems 3. Inadequate monitoring of test progress & coverage 4. Lots of redundant (unused) custom code 5. TBD 14 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 15. The Risks of Business Application Change What functionality will break? What must we test? How? Will the business users help us this time? Copyright Panaya Ltd., All rights reserved.
  • 16. Panaya Quality Management Cloud Scope & Accelerate the delivery of any business application change. Reduce Risk and Minimize Cost Copyright Panaya Ltd., All rights reserved.
  • 17. Copyright Panaya LTD. Thank You
  • 18. City of Nanaimo Finds EhP5 Easy Sailing with Panaya Abe Lang Senior Applications Analyst City of Nanaimo
  • 19. About City of Nanaimo Located on the east coast of Vancouver Island Population of 83,810 Regional service hub for mid and north Vancouver Island 19 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 20. SAP Environment Running operations on SAP since 2002 Running SAP ERP 6.0 since 2006 Modules implemented 20 Copyright All Rights Reserved - Asset Accounting (AA) - Business Objects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) - Plant Maintenance (PM) - NetWeaver - Portals - General Accounting (FI) - Managerial Accounting (CO) - Materials Management (MM) - Business Information Warehouse (BW) - Human Resources (HR) - Project System (PS)
  • 21. The Challenge In 2010, still running on 6.0 base (since 2006) SAP latest (at the time) was Enhancement Pack 5 ESS/MSS implementation required EhP 5 Two-and-a-half-time IT person team Outside consultants limited to some ABAP / Basis chores Test scripts were 8-10 years old Testing expert had recently retired 21 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 22. The Solution Test Builder generates regression test suite Fix Automated Code Remediation cuts R&D time Integration Testing focused on identified interface failures Initial Testing User Collaborative Testing accelerates UAT and provides full progress visibility Unit Testing From 6-months to 3-months Smooth go-live Write Functional Test Scenarios Initial Acceptance Go-Live Testing Testing Integration Testing Before Panaya With Panaya Test Scoping pinpoints Unit Testing, performed in parallel to development Go-Live Change Impact Simulation identifies what will break
  • 23. Implementation The entire project was managed by the Panaya solution, including code corrections, testing, and user-defined tasks Step 1: code corrections (no pre-testing) 1534 code corrections 25 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 24. Implementation Step 2: Unit Testing 492 tasks covering 572 transactions 26 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 25. Implementation Step 3: User Acceptance Testing 2,887 tasks, 5400 test runs 27 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 26. Implementation Step 4: Reporting 28 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 27. The Results 100% time saved on initial testing phase 50% time saved on code corrections 100% cost saved on outsourcing 29 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 28. The Results Went live on August 29th Ran unit testing for the first time End users got involved in testing cycle Risk minimized via focused testing Now up-to-date on EhP On-time and on-budget 30 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 29. Current and Future Plans Support Packs Copyright Panaya Ltd., All rights reserved. Rollout to New Sites Functional Enhancements Mergers & Acquisitions New Business Processes Regulations Upgrades System Consolidation Enhancement Packages Migrations Business-Driven IT-Driven
  • 30. Advice Use a testing tool that will tell you what will break and what to test Use a testing tool that is so easy to use that it allows everyone to get involved and to take some ownership of your upgrade Use a testing tool that will allow you to track testing results and report status Work with a company that will partner with you! 32 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 31. Questions? 33 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  • 32. Th nk you!