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  • Landscape Partnership Scheme Work Update

  • Programme 1: Conserving & Restoring

    1.1 Industrial site renovation: Black Mt Quarry

    Working with staff at the quarry/landfill to plant wildflowers on capped areas for biodiversity

  • Ecoseeds training volunteers on planting wildflowers at Black Mt Quarry

  • 1.1 Industrial site renovation: Cave Hills Limestone Quarry

    Scrub control and pond management works being undertaken with volunteers. Contractor also involved in removing larger scrub off rock face

  • 1.2 Wildfire Project

    Mapping wildfires as and when they occur. Providing information to NIFRS showing high risk areas. Talking to landowners about management. Schools education work.

  • 1.3 Farmland/Grassland Habitat Enhancement

    Encouraging landowners to undertake enhancements on their ground for both biodiversity and landscape by offering financial and practical assistance.

  • Focus on roadside hedging to help transform areas that have become run down and are often subject to flytipping

  • 1.4 Invasive species

    Invasive species mapping and removal of Himalayan Balsam via volunteers at various sites

    Japanese Knotweed control along the Colin Glen River

  • 1.5 Built Heritage

    Survey of 12 key heritage sites across the Belfast Hills commissioned. Including conservation and future management advice.

  • 1.5 Divis Archaeology Training School

    Almost 1000 people took part over the month long training school

  • Programme 2: Increasing Community


    2.1 Hills Heritage Awareness Project: Townlands Poster

    To receive a copy contact the Belfast Hills Partnership

  • 2.3 Oral History Project:Over 20 people living, working in and around the Belfast Hills were interviewed and their memories recorded. This information will be made available online.

  • All communities along Colin River consulted

    Outreach Officer partnered with Des OReilly delivering bespoke river talks to each river community. Community Mapping exercises.

    River clean ups, aquatic invertebrate safaris, bat walks planned

    Salmon in the classroom with two local schools undertaken

    Community exhibition planned

    2.4 River Awareness Project:

  • 2.6 On and Off-site signage and interpretation

    Through consultation with the various land managers in the Belfast Hills area a hills wide style and branding are being worked up to help give the area a greater identity.

  • 2.7 Community Built & Natural Heritage Projects

    Cave Hill Conservation Campaign seat project

    An artist was commissioned to work with two local primary schools to design a seating area on Cave Hill

  • Hannahstown Townlands Patchwork Quilt Project

    A group of ladies from Hannahstown depicted features of importance in their local townland via quilting.

  • 2.2 Hills Geology Awareness Project: Year 3 of project

    2.5 Innovative Artwork & Interpretation: Year 3 of project

    2.8 Planning Issues Network Project: Continued watching brief

  • Programme 3:Access & Learning

    3.1 Access routes and links installed and improved

    Divis Summit Path

  • Cave Hill McArts Fort Path

  • Slievenacloy Path

  • Ligoniel Dams Path

  • 3.2 New Recreation Project- Junior orienteering on Cave Hill

  • Other Programmes still to undertake:

    3.3 Getting to know the Hills-Visitor surveys and visitor counters

    3.4 New Heritage Access- physical and virtual

    3.5 New Website Material

  • Programme 4:Training & Skills

    4.1 Walking the Hills Training

  • 4.2 Biological Surveying

  • 4.3 Archaeological Surveying Training:

    Launched as part of community archaeology dig, taught people basic archaeology survey techniques as a foundation for further survey work to be carried out in the Belfast Hills.

  • 4.4 Practical Conservation Skills Training

  • 4.5 GIS/Google Earth Mapping Skills

  • 4.6 Tour Guiding Training

  • 4.7 Hills Apprentice ProjectOver 60 applications received, 20 students selected from a wide range of universities, colleges and courses.

  • Students undertook a range of practical tasks over the week longprogramme including landscape characterisation, tree planting, environmental education, interpretation, local industry etc

  • Up and coming courses

    4.8 Landscape Photography & RecordingTraining: Planned for yr 3

  • 4.9 Events & TalksHeritage Festival

    Black Bull of Colin Glen

  • 4.10 Volunteering

  • 4.11 Schools Landscape & Environment Project

    Two local schools came together to write, film and produce a short dvd on the dangers of wildfire.

    Click here to see DVD

    Landscape Partnership Scheme Work UpdateProgramme 1: Conserving & Restoring1.2 Wildfire Project1.3 Farmland/Grassland Habitat Enhancement1.4 Invasive species 1.5 Built Heritage1.5 Divis Archaeology Training SchoolProgramme 2: Increasing Community Participation2.3 Oral History Project:2.6 On and Off-site signage and interpretation2.7 Community Built & Natural Heritage ProjectsHannahstown Townlands Patchwork Quilt ProjectProgramme 3:Access & Learning3.1 Access routes and links installed and improvedDivis Summit PathCave Hill McArts Fort PathSlievenacloy PathLigoniel Dams Path3.2 New Recreation Project- Junior orienteering on Cave HillOther Programmes still to undertake: 3.3 Getting to know the Hills-Visitor surveys and visitor counters 3.4 New HeritageProgramme 4:Training & Skills4.3 Archaeological Surveying Training:4.4 Practical Conservation Skills Training4.5 GIS/Google Earth Mapping Skills4.6 Tour Guiding Training4.7 Hills Apprentice Project4.9 Events & TalksHeritage FestivalBlack Bull of Colin Glen4.10 Volunteering4.11 Schools Landscape & Environment Project